SANTERGO Apple Watch sports bracelet - hand instead of wrist holder

When doing sports, at work, while driving, in other special situations and in everyday life, it can be pleasant if you don't have to pull your arm into your field of vision or turn it to look at your Apple Watch. According to the accessories manufacturer SANTERGO, attaching the Apple Watch to the hand, for example on the area under the index finger, should be much more comfortable and ergonomic. In this article you will find some information about the SANTERGO Apple Watch sports bracelet for the hand instead of the wrist.

Abbreviation: Order the slightly different watch holder in three colors

The SANTERGO Apple Watch sports holder for the hand instead of the wrist can be attached easily and in an individual size.
The SANTERGO Apple Watch sports holder for the hand instead of the wrist can be attached easily and in an individual size.

This is how the SANTERGO Apple Watch sports bracelet works

Whether you're cycling, jogging, swimming or trekking - the Apple Watch sports bracelet from SANTERGO is designed to make it easier to view your smartwatch. Of course, measuring your pulse is important for everyone who does this sport. And this slightly different watch holder offers an open space for exactly that. This means that the Apple Watch continues to come into contact with the skin and can record the pulse even when worn in this way.

The silicone accessory is attached to the hand using second straps, which have numerous holes like a belt. Thanks to these, they can be attached to different hand shapes and sizes. Both the band on the wrist and the one that runs between the thumb and index finger can be individually tightened and fastened. I can imagine that when you stretch your hand, the watch will be a little looser, but when you clench your fist (e.g. when jogging) or grip it (e.g. on the bicycle handlebars) it should be in constant contact with the skin.

Practical in winter: wear Apple Watch over your jacket and gloves

Another carrying option is designed less for measuring the pulse and more for navigation or communication. The fact that you can customize the size of this Apple Watch sports band makes it ideal for use over a glove. So if you want to keep an eye on your Apple Watch in winter, while mountaineering or in other situations with your hands protected, you can use the SANTERGO sports armband accordingly - without having to push your jacket sleeve over it to look at the display.

Good reviews with a few small criticisms

If you look at the Amazon product page the sports holder for the Apple Watch, then you will not only find further descriptions, pictures and the color selection (black, orange and glow-in-the-dark yellow), but also the reviews from previous buyers. Their average is 3,8 out of 5 stars. 32% are 5 stars and 45% are 4 stars.

A small negative point stated in one review is that the holder can come loose if there is a lot of movement. “Most of the time it works well“, it says (loosely translated from English). “But rarely for several hours. It comes off with a lot of movement.However, it is also noted several times in the reviews that you quickly get used to wearing the accessories - whether during sports or in everyday life.

Buy SANTERGO Apple Watch Sport Band with Prime delivery

You can buy the SANTERGO sports holder for your hand, which is compatible with all current Apple Watch models, via the Amazon product page linked above. Depending on the color, the prices vary slightly – from €12,99 to €13,99. However, you can get all three with Prime shipping, so you can carry out a test straight away after a quick delivery. I can easily imagine the ergonomic advantages, especially when jogging, cycling and in the car.

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