Set the date and time on the Fritz! Fon

Fritz! Fon date and time

Today was the big day again when the time ran out Summertime has been converted. And promptly some clocks still surprise me with the wrong time. I thought that in the meantime all devices with WLAN would update themselves and switch to the correct time, but even my Fritz! Fon MT-D does not have the correct time for me today - although it is connected to the Fritz! Box.

Update to the Fritz! Fon C6 and the Fritz! Box 7490

I have just received a message from my reader Werner that he has not gotten any further with the instructions here. He has a Fritz! Box 7490 and a Fritz! Fon C6 in operation and then contacted AVM Support at some point. They had the solution: unplug the Fritz! Box for a few seconds and start again. After that, Werner's date and time were also set correctly. True to the motto "Have you tried switching it off and on again?".

Instructions: How to set the date and time

So as not to drag on the article unnecessarily: There is no menu item in the Fritz! At first I thought that this might be done via the Fritz! Box, but no, it is still quite stone-age how to change the time on the MT-D - with a code that you enter on the telephone keypad.

Fritz! Fon date and time

The redial shows the code (part is missing at the front!) That I entered in order to set the date and time correctly.

The structure of the code is as follows: # 83 * HHmmDTMMJJJJ * # 91 **

In my case, the required entry was: Phone code: # 83 * 232830032014 * # 91 **

This then leads to the fact that the Fritz! Fox is switched to March 30.03.2014, 23 and the time of 28:XNUMX pm.

In this sense:

Happy summer time!

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  1. Carlos Kelm says:


    As an alternative: remove the battery, wait 10 seconds, insert the battery, wait ... DONE!

    ... and the time is right again.


  2. Wagner says:

    I recently bought the Fritzbox. So far so well, but to set to summer time is not possible. Who helps me. Nowadays one should assume that this is automatic. I can't find any information in the operating instructions.

    • sir appleot says:

      Yes that's true. There is no evidence. However, because it works automatically. :)
      A time server is entered in the Fritz! Box settings, via which the Fritz! Box gets the current time. As a result, summer and winter time are also automatically adopted. I have to say, however, that my last Fritz! Box obviously had an error here, because every few weeks it no longer took the time correctly through the time server. Your box may also be defective. I would report it to the seller, because an exchange may still be possible now. Unfortunately, my box was already too old.

  3. Connie says:

    Great, thank you. Quickly solved the problem. The wrong time prevented the correct switching of the Smart Home modules and the doorbell block at the right time.

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Jan! Yes, that's right, but I had the case that the timeserver didn't work and the time didn't adjust. That's why I had to correct them using the keyboard. The Fritz! Box normally uses a time server that is already set at the factory. This provides the current time and the Fritz! Box sends it to the DECT handsets or the Fritz! Fon. As a rule, you don't have to worry about a time change, because it is done automatically.

  4. Birol says:

    It's a lot easier! keep the red button pressed down, 10 sec. wait again keep the red button pressed starts up. clock is set automatically.

  5. Eberhard Brill says:

    I tried a few things but nothing worked. I will look again.

  6. Heiko says:

    I also see the hint 'Stone Age' that way!
    I have a Fritz! Box 7490, but do not register the C5 there because it continues to ring funny when I accept a call on a convenience telephone on the wired Fon1 connection. The box is up to date.
    The time has set to log the C5 on and off, but I don't think that's funny.
    With AVM I did not expect such behavior from the box or the Fon.
    Incidentally, the code example did not work.

  7. Paul says:

    My time set on the FritzFon C5 is automatically set back one hour after approx. 3 days. What can I do.

    • Jen Kleinholz says:

      Is there a time server running somewhere that transmits the time? In the FritzBox, for example?

  8. Horst Hader says:

    I have the Fritzbox 6590 cable (FritzOS 7.27) and the FritzFon C6. The time was / is always displayed correctly on the C6. I bought it myself when the 6590 cable was released because the update policy of my provider at the time annoyed me. My provider (PYÜR) will soon switch to fiber optics at my place of residence, which the PYÜR consultant announced to me this week during an unannounced visit. This should double the upload and download speed. Nothing should change in the monthly costs. I'm curious whether this will come true.

    • Jen Kleinholz says:

      Well, I keep my fingers crossed that the doubling will work. Always happy to take with you! : D But what about the time: I don't know. I can not explain it. Have you changed the timeserver in the Fritz! Box to another?

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