Cancel a T-Mobile contract - this is how it works!

T-Mobile contract cancel subscription alarm

There can be a wide variety of reasons for terminating your mobile phone contract. The reception at home is too bad, the data network too lame, a better offer from a competitor is tempting or the monthly costs are too high. I can't know why you want to cancel your T-Mobile contract, but I can show you a few simple ways how to do this without stress and which common questions there are about canceling your contract.

T-Mobile contract cancel subscription alarm

With the website or the app from Aboalarm, the termination of a T-Mobile contract is done relatively quickly.

Termination by email, app or via a website

Cancellation by email is unfortunately not possible. But this also has to do with the fact that an email can quickly be "faked". So another person could forge the sender and cancel the cell phone contracts for other people and ideally still take their call with them. To prevent this from happening, Telekom expects you to be terminated by post (in writing) or by fax on 0180-5 330633 (€ 0,14 / min. From landlines, mobile phones max. € 0,42 / min.).

If the post is too cumbersome for you and if you don't have a fax, you can still choose a quick option: termination via the App or the Subscription alert website. There you just have to enter your data in a form and you can give the cancellation at the push of a button. The website advertises with the slogan "Free telecom cancellation letters with online fax dispatch" ... that already shows: It's quick and cheap here. :)

Frequently asked questions about terminating a contract with Deutsche Telekom

On its website, Telekom already offers a small selection of the most frequently asked questions relating to the termination of the contract. Get Tickets here! you will find the questions and the answers. There is even a question-and-answer section on the website, on which you can even find instructions on how to terminate the mobile phone contract with Telekom directly online. You can find the corresponding subpage for the online cancellation here at

But I would like to explain a few questions and corresponding answers to you right here:

  • Can I extend my T-Mobile contract again after canceling it?
    This is apparently possible with a period of 112 days after the contract has ended. At Telekom you can find this under the keyword "reactivation period".
  • What data is required if I want to cancel my T-Mobile cell phone contract?
    Name, address, mobile phone number, card number and customer number are currently required here.
  • By when do I have to cancel so that I have submitted my cancellation on time?
    The mobile phone contract with Telekom must be terminated in writing at least 3 months before the end of the term so that the termination is received on time.
  • Can I also terminate my contract with T-Mobile early?
    I'm not from Telekom, but I would say there is nothing you can do about it. Anyone who has "slept through" to terminate their contract in good time must terminate as soon as possible. Unfortunately this is what it looks like.
  • What is the address to which I have to send the T-Mobile cancellation?
    This is this address:
    Telekom Germany GmbH
    Mailbox 30 04 44
    53184 Bonn



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