Switch off MMS on the iPhone and save costs

Switch off MMS

I have how I might here have already read the AldiTalk 600 package. It is not the first time that I have run into a "cost trap" with it. The current case is not so much a setting in AldiTalk, but a problem that I had with iOS 8: At some point after the provider move, the MMS was activated here in the Apple Messages app. Now and then without even realizing it I sent photos to people who actually also have an iPhone. But obviously a photo was still sent here and there by MMS, which costs 39 cents per MMS for me - absolute cost horror if you otherwise send entire films for free via Whatsapp.

Smilies for 39 cents each!

In addition, here is an important note that applies to ALL providers that calculate MMS: The smartphones send here and the smilies as graphics. This means that if you write a colon, hyphen, or round bracket, your smartphone partially converts it into a smiley graphic. This is then also sent via MMS and costs you - depending on the provider - around 39 cents! Great thing, right ?! ;-)

Switch off MMS

MMS can be deactivated with a switch on the iPhone.

Switch off SMS and MMS in the messaging app

The best way to prevent this MMS sending is to go to Settings -> Messages and set two switches to "grey" - i.e. "off". On the one hand, the "Send as SMS" switch, because this means that no "alternative" SMS will be sent if iMessage isn't working at the moment - this can also produce costs under certain circumstances if you don't have a flat rate. On the other hand – and this is the important one! – the "MMS messaging" switch. This should also be gray - not green, as in the picture. At the time it was still activated for me. If you have deactivated these two points, there is no MMS via the messageApp from Apple more possible.

Important to know: Even if you send messages on your Mac under OS X Yosemite, it can happen that they are sent as MMS or SMS. If you have deactivated the MMS on the iPhone, the smilies on the Mac can no longer cost you dearly, because then they will no longer be sent by MMS.

Better safe than sorry: remove MMS data from the mobile network

To be on the safe side, you can - if the provider's settings allow it - delete the data for the MMS network from the iPhone. Unfortunately, it doesn't work for me with AldiTalk, but if you want to try it, go through the menu as follows: Settings> General> Mobile network> Mobile data network> Remove all settings under "MMS" there. If you have also done this, the iPhone is no longer able to send MMS.

I hope the tip also helps you to save a few cents by submerged, pointless MMS sending!


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  1. Mari says:

    I wish you a happy new year and thank you very much for your interesting contributions :) - laugh ... You can certainly see clearly, because I really needed this post here :)
    Greetings from Mari

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Mari! Thank you for your kind words! And as always, I'm happy when I could help! And unfortunately I can't see clairvoyantly ... otherwise I would play the lottery once and then just write my blog without my work always stopping me ... :) LG!

  2. Kern Ditmar says:

    Aldi Talk, mobile data abroad. I have already bought the Internet 4 times abroad. The registration was confirmed but I have never been able to use it. Despite many hours of trying with the passwords .. "gprs" and the other recommendation .. Internet ..
    I don't seem to be alone like that ..
    Will now cancel Aldi after this trip abroad.
    Have an iPhone 6

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Ditmar! The instructions are correct and the passwords also work, but apparently they don't have the service under control. I'm sorry it doesn't work out for you. I've been with Telekom for a few months ... unfortunately expensive, but it works - also abroad. :)

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