Are USB 3 cables different from normal USB cables?

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Icon ask Sir ApfelotThe question is a good one, because some USB 3 devices sometimes don't come with a USB 3 cable. Then of course you think about whether you can just use an old USB cable that you already have. The answer is: yes, you can use an old cable that works for USB 1 and USB 2, but it will automatically only transfer at the speed of USB-2. A [USB 3 cable> usb 3 cable] is technically different and looks different. However, it also fits into the "normal" USB port and can be used, but the controllers recognize that it is not a USB3 cable and then reduce the speed. Of course, the same thing happens when you use an old USB cable a USB3 hub connects to the computer.

A little more in-depth information about [USB-3-> usb-3] can be found in the Wikipedia under the entry "Universal Serial Bus".

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