Uninstall Logitech Options software - if the keyboard or mouse is crazy

Uninstall Logi Options

I've been testing the Logitech Craft wireless keyboard for you for a few days. First of all: The thing is pretty nice and the review will be relatively long because the keyboard offers a lot of possibilities and I would like to introduce them. But where there is light, there is also shadow and that is what this guide is about. Logitech keyboards and mice are configured using Logi Options software.

With the Logitech Craft keyboard, for example, you can use it to set which actions are triggered by the rotary knob and the function keys on the keyboard - and you can even make these settings on the basis of individual apps, if you want.

Uninstalling software often helps solve problems, but where can I find the Logitech software tool?

Uninstalling software often helps solve problems, but where can I find the Logitech software tool?

Function assignments are no longer correct

In my case, I probably overdid it with the configuration, because at some point the wheel in Adobe Photoshop no longer worked as it should. I then restarted Photoshop, restarted the Mac, reset the keyboard settings in the Logitech Options software and even installed the software myself over it. Unfortunately, all actions were unsuccessful.

My last option was to uninstall the Logitech software and then reinstall it. However, there is no way to do this in the software itself. The Options software is in the Applications folder and there was no uninstall app to be found either.

The deinstallation program for the configuration software Logi Options can be found on the Mac in the utility programs.

The deinstallation program for the configuration software Logi Options can be found on the Mac in the utility programs.

Solution: Uninstaller in the Utilities folder

Ultimately, the solution is easier than expected, but Logitech made it kind of complicated because instead of putting the uninstall tool in the Applications folder, they hid it in the Utilities folder.

Uninstall and reinstall - and everything will work again

To fix my problem, I started the "Uninstaller for Logi Options" tool (and of course closed the "Logi Options" app beforehand) and uninstalled everything. Next, I ran the installer again and then ended up in the configuration of my Logitech Craft. After I logged into my Logitech account here, the functions of the rotary wheel were also back to normal in Photoshop, as they should be.

You can see again that most problems - also on the Mac - with Switch off and on or uninstalling and reinstalling are to be resolved.



  1. cdr_chalotay says:

    You can usually just restart the daemon in the background. For laypeople there are also corresponding scripts and instructions on GitHub. Just google it.
    Saves time and nerves compared to reinstalling;)

    • sir appleot says:

      Thanks for throwing in, but the daemon also restarts when I restart the Mac. But that didn't help me. But who knows how to do it with the daemon: Simply start the "Activity Monitor" utility, then search for "Logi Options" and there should only be one open entry in the list: Logi Options Daemon. Mark this and click the "X" in the bar above to kill the process. Since it is a daemon, it will be restarted immediately.

      • cdr_chakotay says:

        Of course that is also true. For people where the problem always occurs when the system is started, it is worth killing the daemon.
        Unfortunately, Logitech has a general FileVault problem and always advises you to deactivate FileVault first instead of finally fixing the problems.
        The scrollwheel bug in particular occurs every 2-3 hours on the MacBook. Is really cheeky at the price.

        • sir appleot says:

          Yes, of course such problems are not nice. The scroll wheel probably affects one of those mouse, right? My Craft has been working perfectly again since the reinstallation.

          • cdr_chakotay says:

            Yes, exactly the complete MX Master range.

            Meanwhile I have a script running that stops the daemon once every hour.

            Can you use the Craft to log in to the Mac when FileVault is activated? Shouldn't go => FileVault problem

          • sir appleot says:

            I don't use FileVault, so I can't say anything about it. But since I have to open the MacBook Pro when it boots up anyway, it's no problem to type in the password on the built-in keyboard and then continue working with the Craft. But when you're working on a different Mac, it's of course stupid if the keyboard doesn't work when you log in.

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