Activate the second iPhone for sending SMS with the Telekom MultiSIM card

Operate the second iPhone with the Telekom MultiSIM card.

Whenever you get your new iPhone, you always think about what to do with the old one. I have currently ordered a multi-SIM card from Telekom for my second iPhone so that I can continue to use it as a phone, for photos and for navigation. At Telekom, you can make calls with both phones using the same number and when you make a call, it rings on both iPhones. The sending of SMS and MMS is only limited to one card. That means, you have to decide which one should be the main phone that will also "take over" the SMS messages.

Operate a second iPhone with a MultiSIM card from Telekom: You use GSM codes to decide which one is to receive and send SMS.

Operate a second iPhone with a MultiSIM card from Telekom: You use GSM codes to decide which one is to receive and send SMS (Photo: Sir Apfelot).

GSM codes for telecom

To define which iPhone is responsible for sending and receiving SMS and MMS, enter the following GSM code on the number block in the phone, to activate SMS / MMS sending on the iPhone:

* 222 # and then press the handset symbol

A message should now appear on your screen that this phone is now activated for reception.

Do you want to know what the current status of the phone isthat you have in your hand, then there is this command:

* 221 # and then press the handset symbol

In some cases, switching does not work immediately. Then it is advisable to reactivate the SMS reception via * 222 # on the old iPhone and then to activate it again via * 222 # on the new iPhone. For most people, this solves the problem.

Why is the SMS switching important?

If you ask why this switchover is important even though you are not sending an SMS: Well, on the one hand, the iPhone's messaging app may use the SMS as an emergency solution if it has no wireless internet connection. On the other hand, WhatsApp is pretty petty when changing the phone and wants to carry out a verification (for me despite the same SIM card). In addition, you get a 6-digit code from WhatsApp via SMS - and it should arrive on the right phone. :)



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