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Yesterday I was in my [iTunes library-> itunes library] again and put together a few new playlists. On that occasion I noticed how many covers are missing from my CD albums in iTunes - even though I had ripped several original AC / DC CDs. But I suppose the cover art is missing there because the albums weren't available on iTunes at the time. Why is there always some cover art missing in iTunes: I was wondering how you can add the missing CD covers in iTunes by hand. In a pinch, I would also use the iSight camera for this if you can't find another way.

Professional solution: CoverScout 3 from Equinux

CoverScout IconMy Google search for the topic of "missing iTunes covers" quickly showed a focus on software: CoverScout 3 Mac from Equinux seems to be state-of-the-art in this area. So I downloaded the demo version and briefly tried out what the software can do. After installation, the software first goes through the entire library and then lists the album covers that have no graphics. As a solution to fill these gray areas in the media library, CoverScout offers several options:

  • The "Search" button carries out an automated search using the album information. This means that sources are searched for the artist and the album name on the web. If you look in the settings of CoverScout, you will also find these stored sources there, which contain, for example, Amazon, Walmart and Google images. Found graphics are displayed above the cover flow display and can be selected as album covers with one click.
  • The button "web search" starts a small browser which opens these three websites with a search for the CD information:, and http: // hitparade. ch. The cover search then works like this: You surf through the pages of the domains and look for the cover. Once you have discovered it, you click on it and then you get a button above a graphic that says "Assign Cover". Clicking on it ensures that the graphic is downloaded from the Internet and then used as an album cover in iTunes. Sources are also given in this function, but they can be completely defined by yourself. So you can set up your favorite sources for covers very quickly yourself.
  • The third button "Edit" allows you to record the cover with the iSight camera. This button is also intended to edit the cover art. You can use simple image processing tools to jump onto the graphic and optimize it.
CoverScout 3 Mac screenshot

Here you can see the automatic search for a cover in CoverScout 3. The "demo" of course disappears after purchasing the software from Equinux.

For my purpose, these functions have already been more than sufficient, but CoverScout can do even more, because the automatic assignment of multiple covers in one run is one of the software's strengths. My media library is still quite clear. For this reason I saw no need for this automatic.

SongGenie 2 is perfectly integrated

It is perhaps also interesting that the new covers are also synced to the iOS devices via synchronization. Once the covers have been assigned on the Mac, they are also quickly transferred to iPhone and iPad for iTunes Match users. And who they SongGenie 2 software from Equinux, who will be happy about the good integration of these two programs, because in SongGenie there is now a simple button that automatically transfers a search to CoverScout and thus not only enables SongGenie to provide information such as artist and album name , Track name, genre or similar data but can also add CD covers in iTunes via the small CoverScout detour. So this team is a great choice if you want to spruce up your iTunes media library.

If you want to shop the two programs, you can find them here on Amazon:

CoverScout 3 Mac from Equinux (€ 23,99)
Nice additional software for everyone who wants to supply their iTunes library with the right CD covers. The software enables every layperson to search for suitable covers on the Internet and assign them to the corresponding album in iTunes with one click.
SongGenie 2 by Equinux (€ 23,99)
Another helpful software: SongGenie 2. This software allows you to add information such as song name, album, artist and even genre and lyrics to the iTunes library by analyzing the audio data of the songs.

These Mac apps are also available in the Apple App Store, but I would advise against buying them there, as the offers have been neglected for months and the manufacturer Equinux is still selling an old version there. Actually not very clever and absolutely disappointing for potential buyers ...

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