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Icon ask Sir ApfelotQuestion: I like to use Apple's [Numbers->apple-numbers] as a replacement for [Excel->excel]. Unfortunately, I still haven't figured out how to add more than one new row or column in a table. In Excel, I always did this by adding a single one and then pressing CTRL + Y over and over again until I had the desired number of rows or columns together. at Numbers but that is not possible.

Answer: Yes, you're right. Unfortunately, this "repeat command" function is not available under Numbers. I would have liked to have had this here and there too. But you can also easily add several new lines to a table with Numbers. To do this, you simply mark several table lines and then click on this little arrow that appears on the right next to the line numbers when you move the mouse pointer over them - i.e. where you would otherwise have added a line. At the moment when more than one line is selected, Numbers automatically inserts as many new lines as has been selected. I hope the tip helped you!

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