[Update] 4th Advent competition with Sir Apfelot: prizes in the newsletter

In the Advent season 2020 there will be a small raffle from and by Sir Apfelot. Every Advent there is one participating subscriber to the newsletter drawn by lot and wins a gift set. In addition to practical accessories for Apple devices, it also includes price-intensive software. How you can participate, what prizes there are (so far) and what else you need to know, I have summarized it for you below.

For the Sir Apfelot competition in Advent 2020 you just have to register for the newsletter and then reply to it. You're already in the lottery pot and can win software, Mac & iPhone accessories and, if necessary, other prizes.

For the Sir Apfelot competition in Advent 2020 you just have to register for the newsletter and then reply to it. You're already in the lottery pot and can win software, Mac & iPhone accessories and, if necessary, other prizes.

Participate in the competition: subscribe to the Sir Apfelot newsletter

The Sir Apfelot newsletter only appears once a week and is of course completely free of charge. You can contact yourself for regular updates by email login on this page. When the Advent newsletter appears on the respective Friday, in addition to the call to register for the competition with an answer, the prize agreed for the respective week is also mentioned. So if you like the software, the accessory set or another gift, then reply briefly to the newsletter and you're in the lottery pot. You can read below which conditions and guidelines apply.

Gifts in Advent: software, accessory sets and more

I asked several developers and manufacturers and got positive feedback from some of them. In the meantime, I can already say that the raffle will most likely continue beyond Advent or Christmas. Maybe the prizes will even reach raffles until January 2021;)

Here are the current prizes for the raffle in the newsletter:

  1. A Lifetime Business Plan from Mailbutler worth 30 € / month (What's this?)
  2. A lifetime license for CleanMyMac X from MacPaw (What's this?)
  3. An annual license for SetApp from MacPaw worth 107,88 € / month (What's this?)
  4. A unique anchor kit: the Nano (20W) and PowerPort III (60W) chargers as well as the PowerLine III (USB-C) and PowerLine + III (USB-C to Lightning) cables worth over € 100 → already raffled, congratulations, Mario!
  5. Two Motif photo book vouchers worth € 50 each
  6. A 6-in-1 charger called the Omni Air Lite from Pitaka worth around € 140

Conditions of participation for the Sir Apfelot Advent competition

Here are a few legal notices, because these must of course be present in a competition. If you notice an error or a loophole, then of course it would be coolest if you don't try to exploit it, but let me know;)

  • Duration and extension of the competition: The newsletter competition for Advent this year will take place in December 2020. It extends into 2021 if sufficient profits are available for it. It runs until there are no more winnings. 
  • Entry deadline: After receiving the newsletter with a competition notice, the recipients have up to and including the following Sunday to send in an answer for participation in the competition. The details in the email itself regulate the details. 
  • Participation and chances of winning: To participate you just have to subscribe to the newsletter on this page and respond to it as described above. This is free and does not involve any obligations. You can unsubscribe from the recipient list at any time.
  • Drawing of winners and prizes: The drawing of the winner for the respective week takes place on the Monday following the entry deadline (always Sunday). The lucky one will be informed of the prize by email. Mention (name and place of residence) is left open as an option for a subsequent contribution. Details on data protection see below
  • Determination of the winner: The classic decision is made by the lot, possibly the digital lot with a draw that is software or script-based. If only one person has registered for the newsletter, the procedure will of course be shortened.
  • Extension of the competition: so for the duration and possible extension
  • Possible costs: The judges' decision is final, any costs incurred for participating in the competition (such as mobile phone costs or dial-up costs for calling up the website, the e-mail client, etc.) will not be reimbursed.
  • Replacement for the profit: The equivalent of the prize will not be paid out. Only the prizes listed here or mentioned in the respective email will be sent. The parcel number can be sent for tracking. In the event of loss in the mail, no replacement in kind or in money is provided.
  • Privacy: The data required for the newsletter (email address) will not be passed on and will only be used for the newsletter and the competition. If there is a profit, the data required for the dispatch (name and address) will be requested for the dispatch. By participating in the competition, the participants agree that the name will be mentioned in an abbreviated form with the place of residence (example: "Max from Musterstadt") and the product won in another entry.
  • Equal opportunities for everyone: The purchase of products (for example via the affiliate links on Sir-Apfelot.de), replying to the Sir Apfelot newsletter several times or other measures do not lead to an increase in chances in this competition.

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  1. Karin Grosschen says:

    I am always curious about the newsletter. I often don't understand everything, but then I google around. It's very informative. thanks

  2. Hartmut Heidrich says:

    My wish to win: the Nano (20W) and PowerPort III (60W) chargers as well as the PowerLine III (USB-C) and PowerLine + III (USB-C to Lightning) cables worth over € 100.

    I am traveling the Apple world with an iPhone 7 that I bought on eBay. The reason for buying was that, as a member of the district senior advisory board, I am active as a delegate in a district committee. As part of the paperless administration, Kreis SE provided me with an iPad 12 (2018). With the iPhone, the iPad can also connect to the Internet outside of the wireless range. Many of your reports, articles and tests have made me feel at home in the Apple world.

    • Jen Kleinholz says:

      Hello Hartmut! That's nice to hear. Would you maybe send me the solution to the competition? The winning question was when the first Sir Apfelot article was published. : D Then I'll put you in the lottery pot ...

  3. anette says:

    very happy to order the NL - look forward to your information

  4. Martin Schellmoser says:

    I'm also there and hope for some luck. You have to say, you get quality content here. The newsletter subscription is definitely worth it.

    • Jen Kleinholz says:

      Hello Martin! I'm very happy to hear that. We try to ensure that the articles are not superficial, but also that they do not contain too much technical jargon. There should be something for everyone. : D

  5. Nowak says:

    Hello Sir, thank you for your informative news, I use "historically created" 2 email apps: Thunderbird and currently I'm struggling to create accounts for the Mail app ... although when the server is checked all the messages at mail want to glow green do not go out - stay in the exit ... can I find more detailed instructions for setting up accounts somewhere? VG and have a nice 2nd Advent!

    • Jen Kleinholz says:

      Hello Nowak! Have a nice 2nd Advent to you too. : D I unfortunately have no instructions for this because it would be a little different for all mail providers. If the mails do not go out, you have to look under Settings> Accounts> Server settings> Account for outgoing mails. Then edit the SMTP server list and kick out the one who is responsible for your accounts. Then create it again and check beforehand what your provider says and what you should use. I am sure that the authentication fails for some reason and then he cannot pass mail to the server. But it's hard to tell from a distance. :(

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