Affinity Photo iPad App: Image editing under iOS 10.3+ / iOS 11

Since 2015 Serif from the UK with Affinity Photo, a very good Photoshop alternative, caused a stir - first on the Mac with macOS, then 2016 under Windows on PC and now as an iPad app for iOS. Affinity Photo for iPad was officially unveiled at the Apple WWDC 2017 Keynote in San Jose yesterday. There was a live demo showing some important functions as well as the speed of working with Affinity Photo on the new iPad Pro with 10,5 inch screen pointed out. This new Apple iPad provides, among other things, with 120 Hz for graphics applications for smooth effects.

Serif Affinity Photo for iPad Download App Store
With Serif Affinity Photo for the iPad with iOS 10.3 or higher, professional photo editing can be carried out while walking or standing. That was yesterday at Apple WWDC 2017 Keynote demonstrated live. You can find the download here in the post ;)

Affinity Photo for iPad on iOS 10.3 or higher

Affinity Photo for iPad has been available since yesterday and can be downloaded, installed and of course used for € 21,99. At the Apple WWDC 2017 Keynote there was also a live demo of the possibilities that Affinity Photo offers on the new iPad Pro. Here a movie poster was designed while walking and standing (video: see below).

The graphics performance in the iPad is 500 times better with the new iPad Pro compared to the first Apple tablet! With that are Apps like Affinity Photo from Serif can be used smoothly.

But not just for the new iPad Pro Mid 2017 With a 10,5 inch screen, the app is made for professional image editing on the go, but also for the previous models. According to the app is designed for iPad Air, iPad Mini 2, iPad Pro 9,7 inches and iPad Pro 12,9 inches with iOS 10.3 or higher. iOS 11, which will run Affinity Photo, a more extensive system, and more, is coming later in 2017.

Affinity Photo Download for iOS

If you want to try the app, you can of course download it on your own iPad. The official download you can find here. By the way: the price of € 21,99 is only available for the launch of the app. The regular / later price is € 32,99. You can find even more details about the app, use on the iPad and the individual functions at

Demo from the Apple WWDC 2017 Keynote

Since this video showing the Serif App Affinity Photo demonstration from the WWDC Keynote is not coming from an official channel, I don't know how long it will be online. If I find the video from Apple or Serif again, I'll replace this one;)

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6 comments on “Affinity Photo iPad App: Photo Editing on iOS 10.3+ / iOS 11”

  1. Hallo,
    I bought the new version for the Ipad .. installed in German ... which of course I find very bad !!! that I do not have the explanations, first steps with the Proggi in German. I think this is a MUST .. if I buy a software that is made available in German. Even if it is a software that is cheap ... that's a shame .. :-(

    1. Hi Tom,
      thank you for your insight into the current design of the program. This will certainly be improved in the future. It is actually foreseeable that it will not come onto the market perfectly, since a) no product or service is perfect and b) such large market entries have deadlines and large financial expenses that have to be refinanced promptly.
      Nonetheless, you are of course right - and if you are currently still looking for introductions and tutorials for Affinity Photo, then I can help you recommend; there is already content for iPad users. There is also an article about the Affinity Photo manualI dare to doubt whether this little helper, designed for the macOS version, can be applied 1: 1 to the iOS version.
      If you enter “affinity photo ipad tutorial english” on YouTube, there isn’t that much content. However, the English-language videos provide a general insight and the most important steps, which are often suitable for use without translation.
      Finally, a note: the best thing to do is to contact Serif in a friendly but determined manner and describe your concerns about the app. Because a (especially digital) product will only approach a perfect stage if constructive feedback flows into the development / continuation;)
      With this in mind: have a nice weekend with professional photo editing!

  2. Hi John,
    Thanks for your comment .. :-) .. you are right about many things .. I fully agree with you.
    but in one point .. mhhh of course I tried to find it on Youtube ... unfortunately there is nothing in German :-(
    also with your””If you enter “affinity photo ipad tutorial deutsch” on YouTube, there isn’t that much content yet”
    if you take it right .. nobody comes in german ... unfortunately .. but time will probably change the other kinks from you i will look at later ... thank you also have a nice weekend


    1. Hi Tom,
      Yes you are right. The only German videos are product presentations / advertising. But the app hasn't been out for two weeks either; those who will be offering tutorials have to familiarize themselves with it first. And then a way has to be found to capture the screen in high quality while showing where to type and how to swipe. So just recording the video signal from the iPad doesn't help - unlike with macOS apps, the tutorial makers also have to be more creative when creating the video. But at some point there will still be German instructions;)
      Best regards

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