Affinity Photo iPad App: Video Tutorials in German (YouTube)

The Photoshop alternative released for Apple Mac in 2015 Affinity Photo Serif has also been available for Windows PCs since 2016 and for iOS 2017+ and iOS 10.3 on the iPad Air 11 / iPad Pro since 2. Affinity Photo for iPad was first introduced at the Apple WWDC 2017 Keynote on June 5, 2017. In this report there is detailed information about it. Now, two weeks later, there is still no manual for Affinity Photo on the iPad, but there are already a few German video tutorials on YouTube.

affinity photo ipad tutorial german youtube
On YouTube there are already a few (a few) tutorials for Affinity Photo on the iPad - and that in German.

Affinity Photo 1.5 manual on macOS or Windows

Detailed instructions and step-by-step explanations for the Serif App there are plenty on an Apple Mac, iMac or MacBook or on a Windows PC. You will find three very well rated copies for beginners and those switching from Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom in this post. There I have also put together video tutorials for Affinity Photo from Vimeo (English) and YouTube (German).

Affinity Photo for iPad: German YouTube tutorials still outnumbered

It is understandable that there are not so many help videos and instructions for Affinity Photo in German. The app for iOS 10.3 and the upcoming iOS 11 has only been on the market for two weeks. However, I was able to dig out a few tutorial videos for you to edit images on the Apple iPad. For example, here are two from the “affinitytutorials” channel with initial explanations on how to start the program, how to use it and finger gestures on the display:

iPad tutorial: cropping hair

Instructions: Create Ocean Dream Wallpaper

Use official videos with subtitles

The software for photo editing also has an official YouTube channel with video instructions for the iPad version of Affinity Photo. However, the videos are all in English so far. However, if you press the settings gear (bottom right) in the menu screen, you can change the subtitle language. At the moment, only the automatic English-to-German translation by Google is possible with the Affinity Photo Tutorials for the iPad. But this works quite well. Just try it out with this video:

Other sources?

Do you know any other German tutorials for the Affinity Photo iPad app in video form? Feel free to leave a comment on the topic! And if you don't know what to do next, take a look past. There you will find instructions, a forum, help and support in text form. And if you finally ask yourself where you can get the Photoshop alternative for the iPad, just click here ;)

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6 Responses to “Affinity Photo iPad App: Video Tutorials in German (YouTube)”

  1. Fritz from the Ruebenberge

    A really great alternative to Adobe and its subscription bondage. I have sent all programs such as Corel etc into banishment. The plugins from Topaz, NIK and Akvis have been integrated. Everything is going great.

    1. Hello Fritz. I was very pleased with your response to this article and I am very interested in your workflow for integration with Topaz. There was a question in the German forum where no one had a suitable answer yet. How to integrate Topaz plugins in AP.

      PS: I have also “been” a long-time Adobe user, I was able to shift my work mainly to AP/AD. I'll still be using inDesign a lot until Affinity Publisher comes along. I hardly use Photoshop and Illustrator anymore, the alternative is already at the start with AP/AD. VG Frank

  2. Hello Johannes. Thank you so much for this great article about my tutorials. What an honor to read an article from Sir Apfelot himself. I am really very enthusiastic and am really happy. My moderator from the German Affiniy forum showed me the article a few days ago and I couldn't believe it. Just awesome. Thanks.

    That's why I wanted to thank you personally in the comments. Saw you even posted my latest iPad tutorials. Class really. Yesterday I explained the Ocean iPad tutorial in more detail for the German community. The English version was intended for my worldwide Twitter followers to show what you can do to get started. There are still a lot of Affinity Photo iPad tutorials to come, that was just the beginning. Now I'm slowly warming up and familiar with AP iPad. I am the official beta tester of the AP iPad version and will report on new features in the future. Version is already much more stable than my iPad Pro 12,9 ″ 1stGen. I'm really looking forward to portrait mode in the next beta. I will report and will be happy to let you know if you like. You have my email now :)

    PS: I am the founder of and the founder of the German Affinity Forum

    I have created a new sub-forum in the forum specifically for Affinity Photo iPad with Tutorials / User Tutorials / Showroom / Tips & Tricks / Questions & Answers

    Thanks again, I'm still a bit flabbergasted :) I've known your site for years and now this, an article about my Affinity Photo iPad tutorials and everything. WOW. About Happy: D

    1. Hello Frank,
      thanks for your comment!
      I already knew before I was given the opportunity to work on it. So I know the feeling of becoming part of a project that, for the time being, I only knew from an observer's perspective. Started the blog, of course Jens; he is "Sir Apfelot". I just occasionally polish the armor he forged :D
      I'll have a look at your website soon. I hope that all readers of the blog who are also looking for instructions for Affinity Photo or Affinity Designer can benefit from it.
      In addition to the blog entry I'm trying to keep up to date, we also have one on YouTube Playlist with your videos created. In the long run I will try to integrate this, because with your announced offer the entry would be quite long at some point;)
      The "Portrait Mode" sounds interesting; I'll keep at it if possible. Thanks for the hint!
      Best regards and a nice start to the week!

  3. Here is a comment that Fritz accidentally emailed me. :) I hope it's ok to post it here, but I suppose he was designed for that, wasn't it Fritz?

    "Hello Frank,
    Sorry for the late reply. I have a lot of PS plugins. (NIK filter. Akvis, Topaz etc)
    I have created a folder in which I copy the files from the respective programs. See the screenshot.
    Then integrate this folder in AP and it is up and running. At least for me.

  4. A huge THANK YOU for these tutorials! Exactly what I've been searching for. I switched from Android to Apple for exactly 3 days (forced to do so!) When I discovered Affinity in the Appstore, I thought it might be a PS alternative, as Adobe has not yet managed to bring a good mobile PS version to the Bring to market. Affix. Show them how! And now finally a dream comes true. Because of Aff. and YOU I am slowly starting to look forward to my very expensive Apple tablet. (iPad Pro 12.9)

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