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Affinity Photo manual

Problem recognized, danger averted - that seems to be the motto of Serif to be, a British software company that unleashed its Affinity programs on Mac users last July. Because what exactly is behind Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer and the other offers of the company? The answer is immediately recognizable: One Alternative to Adobe Photoshop or the Adobe Creative Suite - and that without a cloud, without a subscription and at a low price. Market recognized, customers banned!

Update June 2017: Meanwhile, the Affinity Photo versions are also available for Windows and iOS on iPad published. You can find manuals for all versions here. You can find German video tutorials for Affinity Photo on the iPad in this post. Update June 2017 end

Screenshot from Affinity Photo
Screenshot from Affinity Photo: Working with layers, deforming with 3D grids and context-sensitive deletion in photos - there is hardly anything that the program has not yet mastered.

How does Affinity Photo compare to Photoshop?

Very good, partly better. Regardless of whether you look at tutorials, advertising materials, user reports or reviews: individual components are consistently described as being just as good or better. In addition, many keyboard shortcuts and other workflow habits can be transferred from Photoshop to Affinity Photo or have been adopted directly by the developers at Serif. In addition, working with layers and effects can be undone or adjusted at any time and independently of other actions. In short: Affinity Photo is its Graphics program for the economical user!

Affinity Photo on the Mac App Store
Serif's software is available in the Mac App Store for just under 50 EUR (one-time, not monthly!). In relation to the range of functions, a real bargain for everyone who is professionally involved with photos and image processing.

And of course Affinity Photo is also economical when it comes to the purchase price, because while Adobe Photoshop CC is only available as a monthly subscription with the Creative Cloud, you can buy Affinity Photo from Serif for just 50 EUR once. For the history books only: I paid more than ten times as much for my old Photoshop CS5 version.

You can get an idea of ​​what the program can do by watching Serif's (pretty impressive) product video:

Affinity Photo manual with step by step instructions

By Markus Wäger, a "Graphic designer, lecturer and author“(As he describes himself in his blog), there is now a detailed book with hints and tips for using the program, which is probably one of the best Photoshop alternatives for many and will be for a long time. Last year, Wäger commented positively on the program on his blog. He already described the closeness of the publisher Serif to the Windows operating system, which was only recently confirmed for Affinity Photo. Windows users can visit the official product page register for the upcoming beta.

Affinity Photo manual
The Affinity Photo manual not only provides an overview of the individual functions and buttons, but also shows how to master the challenges of everyday photo editing for a photographer (available from Amazon).

Anyone using an iMac, Mac Pro or MacBook with Affinity Photo, he can already get started with the 296-page manual by Markus Wäger. The design of this comprehensive guide is clear and the 10 chapters are all logically structured. In the beginning it is about the user interface and the selection of functions, buttons, color palettes and the like. Then resolutions and file formats are dealt with, brightness and contrast are examined, color adjustments are made and images are colored. The following chapters deal with retouching, clipping and montage as well as image processing for photographers and finally the use of texts and effects in Affinity Photo.

Your own hardback edition of the book "Affinity Photo: Step by step to the perfect picture“By Markus Wäger you can get it for 34,90 euros on Amazon *. Unfortunately, the comprehensive work is not yet available as a Kindle edition.

Tutorial: Cropping Hair with Affinity Photo
This tutorial should also not be missing in the manual: A guide to clipping hair with Affinity Photo - every photographer's favorite. :)

Affinity Photo tutorials - with one small drawback

Tutorials in video form are highly recommended - Serif unfortunately does not offer instructions as PDF to my knowledge. But the videos also help: Not only are special problems given quickly and usually also with tips for improving the workflow; no, you get the whole thing also shown in picture and sound. Of course, the book described above also contains a lot of screenshots and other graphics, but video tutorials are like someone explaining the software directly on the computer. That is why there is also a department on the official product page with short and medium-length video explanations about Affinity Photo. Now you are probably wondering about the small disadvantage from the subheading: well, all videos are in English, which also applies to the Affinity software in the videos and the corresponding technical terms.

Therefore, I recommend the book described above again at this point, because everything is really described there in German and using the German software. Or like a reviewer on the Amazon page for the Affinity manual * expresses:

Here you are professionally introduced to the subject of Affinity Photo, no question remains unanswered. The workshops have an absolutely top-notch structure and are easy to understand. Yes, this is how the manuals should be structured, this is a prime example.

Conclusion on Affinity Photo and the manual

For just 49,99 euros (publisher's price on the official website), Affinity Photo is a wonderful alternative to Photoshop. The good thing about it: Mac users were considered first, so the creative elite was properly recognized once ;-) In addition, there is now a comprehensive and user-friendly manual that newbies and professionals alike can get along with. Clear recommendation for both products!

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17 Responses to “Affinity Photo Guide and Tutorials – How to work with the Photoshop alternative”

    1. Hello Klaus! What do you mean by W19? Windows 10 maybe? I would be surprised if one could not uninstall software there. But I don't have a PC, so I can't really help out there. ;)

    1. Yes, the manual is not limited to a specific operating system. The menu items are the same for the software on Mac and PC.

  1. Hi :)
    I purchased and installed the program.
    I like it …
    Unfortunately, the described short cut works
    alt + ctrl and drag the mouse to the left or
    right to change the brush size not :(

    Greetings from U.Steiger

  2. Unfortunately, there is far too little video material about composings and watercolor. Photoshop related tutorials galore…. but transferring it to Affinity is quite difficult. It would also be nice to have an offer of actions for special image effects such as dispersion, spray, watercolor or painting! A more extensive filter library with. I don't find any painting effects in the software.

    1. Hello Hagen! Yes, for Affinity Photo there are of course not as many tutorials as there are for Photoshop, but the program is only gradually becoming known. And so the amount of instructions and add-ons such as painting effects that are available for it will also increase.

  3. I would like to buy the Affinity program (Windows version), but unfortunately it is still only available in English for Windows users. I already googled for information but found nothing. Does anyone know whether there will be a German version or a German language file for installation in the near future?

    Greetings Holger

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