Against boredom: Free iPhone and iPad games (short message)

If you are currently sitting at home and have no school, no university or a leave of absence from work, then there are many ways for you to spend the time. Aside from reading books, learning a programming language, and watching streams, games are also great options. They leave you in quarantine or that Social distancing forget and also bring a bit of fun. Their developers also know this, which is why there are some free game apps for iOS and iPadOS.

According to MacRumors you can currently download the following great games from the developers "Snowman" and "Ironhide SA" for free:

At MacRumors there is also a reference to Apple's game service Apple Arcade. If you haven't used it before, you can test it for one month free of charge. After that, the monthly costs for the subscription are only 4,99 €. So get through the coronavirus season well and cheaply! Stay at home and wash your hands! :) 

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  1. Thomas D says:

    I am adding the following currently free game

    Mini metro. Build a subway
    Currently free of charge instead of € 4,49

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