AI-based article generator “Article Forge V3.0” tested with German language

Article Forge in the test

In the last one to two years, more and more companies have come onto the market and offer online services that offer the creation of blog posts or articles with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). The first providers limited themselves to the English language, as this is of course where the need is most and there is more basic material for machine learning. But when the first tools also offered text generation in German, the topic slowly became interesting for me.

In this article I want to use the online service ArticleForge test with version 3.0 and see how good the texts are that this ki-based tool creates. I registered there for the test and the free 7 day trial period utilized.

Article Forge should generate texts within 60 seconds that are as good as if they were written by a human author - a strong advertising message ... let's see what's on!
Article Forge should generate texts within 60 seconds that are as good as if they were written by a human author - a strong advertising message ... let's see what's on!

Why do you need AI-generated text?

In my opinion, text that is created using machine learning is only suitable for areas in which the quality of content and form play a subordinate role. For example, if you want to fill many pages of a domain with content that is probably only evaluated by Google because the real visitors tend to stay in the upper part of the page, then such content could be used.

In shops, for example, SEO texts are created in categories that are stored for the purpose of search engine optimization, while customers only look where the products are listed anyway. That, too, would be a potential use case for Article Forge.

It could also be the case that separate domains are set up for certain subject areas of a shop, which are used for Google optimization. Here the visitors - if so wanted - usually only open on the homepage, while Google can also be fed with content on sub-pages.

I think the folks looking for items made by AI have a purpose in mind. However, the most common in practice is likely to be search engine optimization.

The Article Forge website advertises the creation of SEO texts. From my point of view, this should also be the main purpose of such texts.
The Article Forge website advertises the creation of SEO texts. From my point of view, this should also be the main purpose of such texts.

My practical test with Article Forge V3.0

The "Article Forge" service just launched a major update a few days ago, which supposedly has greatly improved the quality of the content generated. I tried Article Forge over a year ago, but the quality was just too subterranean back then. I took the new version as an opportunity to give the tool another chance.

In my test, I want to find out how legible the text is that the AI ​​generates and whether its content is correct. My focus is on the German-speaking area, which is why I also order my tests in German from Artikel Forge.

Actually, I also wanted to do a test on the topic of "could automatically generated texts rank on Google", but due to the scope I will deal with this in a separate article.

This form is used in Article Forge to specify which information the AI ​​should use to generate the text.
This form is used in Article Forge to specify which information the AI ​​should use to generate the text.

Article Forge: This is how text generation works

To create a text in Article Forge, click on "New Article". On the following page you now choose the language, the main keyword and up to five sub-keywords, which should also be taken into account in the text.

A few more options can be specified below:

  • Text length (50 to 750 words adjustable)
  • Add a heading
  • add a picture
  • Add video
  • Replace keywords with links
  • publish directly in Wordpress blog
  • rewrite with WordAI

Except for the length, we shouldn't be interested in the points, because I am mainly concerned with the quality of the text.

Legibility and quality of content based on three examples

Whether the text that the Article Forge KI has generated is reasonable to read, I'll just try out three examples that I present to you here. I also include the "order parameters" so that you know what information the AI ​​received for generating the text.

The generation of the texts took me about 5 minutes (with a text length of 500 words). According to Article Forge, it should take 2 minutes, but the delay is because many users are currently trying Article Forge because of the update.

1. Article: 500 words on the subject of "Buy used iPhone"

The first test was an article with the following parameters:

  • Main keyword: Buy used iPhone
  • Text length: approx. 500 words
  • Sub-keywords: refurbished iPhone, used iPhones, used purchase, fraud, advantages and disadvantages of used purchase

Finished article:

Advantages and disadvantages of used iPhones

If your plan to buy an iPhone is to know what to look for and where to buy it is a good idea. If you are planning on buying your phone on a budget, eBay has an excellent range of models. But the downside is that you have to trust the seller so you would be a scam. In order not to get ripped off, make sure you are hardened with some information before making your purchase.

Whenever buying a used iPhone, always make sure to ask about the condition of the phone. If it's gone down, don't buy it unless the seller doesn't offer an unconditional guarantee. Liquid damage isn't always obvious, make sure to ask questions and look for signs of moisture. Note that repairs can be costly to a wet or damaged phone, so it may be best to opt for a pre-obsessed.

Before you buy a used iPhone, know what you are getting. If the model is broken, you may need to replace it. If it's a new iPhone, look for a brand new one. A new iPhone should be fully functional and in perfect condition. But if the phone you are considering is damaged, there are no guarantees. It's important to remember that refurbished phones tend to be more expensive than used ones.

Don't be afraid to buy a used iPhone. It's easier and cheaper than you think. Not only do you get the same phone quality that you get from a new one, but you also get a lower price, too. It's a win-win situation for everyone. So, if you've used iPhone, you can get a good quality mobile phone from a trusted dealer. You can also feel good about saving money as well as the environment.

It is always best to check the battery of any used iPhone before purchasing it. It's a good idea to compare the battery capacity of a used iPhone with that of a brand new iPhone. This assures you of a safe purchase. When the seller's insurance covers the IMEI, you can feel safe. You can also check to see if the phone has been stolen.

If you are on a budget, you may want to consider buying a refurbished iPhone instead of a new one. You can also find iPhones at lower prices on sites like Swappa and Gazelle. You can save money by avoiding monthly contracts and requirements by choosing a refurbished iPhone. When you shop for an iPhone, it's still in great shape. However, you may have to pay more for the battery.

If you're not sure what to look for, you can also buy a refurbished iPhone. This is a model that was previously held by someone else. It has been restored to its full working capacity. It may have some minor cosmetic markings on it. But it's still better than a used iPhone. You Can Save Hundreds of Dollars on a Refurbished iPhone. In the end, you can save money and get a brand new iPhone without sacrificing quality.

My opinion on this text:

  • The wording does not suggest good German.
  • The spelling of most of the words is fine, but the order of the sentence and the use of the words in context is largely incorrect.
  • In terms of content, the article has some good tips at hand when it comes to buying a used iPhone. You should definitely check for water damage and yes, water damage is hardly noticeable if you don't show the iPhone any failures. And the tip to check the battery before buying is not wrong either. What is less good, however, is the statement that a used phone is of the same quality as a new iPhone.
  • Conclusion: I was not impressed by the text.
Article Forge took a good 5 minutes to write the article about buying a used iPhone - the result is relatively mixed.
Article Forge took a good 5 minutes to write the article about buying a used iPhone - the result is relatively mixed.

2nd article: 250 words on the subject of "How does water jet cutting work?"

For the second text I dared to write an article far away from Apple and selected only 250 words as the text length.

  • Main keyword: How does water jet cutting work?
  • Sub-keywords: abrasive cutting, water jet cutting system, 3D water jet cutting, cutting of stainless steel, compared to laser cutting

Finished article:

How does the water jet work?

Waterjet cutting is a great option for a wide variety of materials. A high pressure stream of water cuts through the material, creating a smooth, satin finish. The high pressure stream does not contain any abrasives, so there is no harm to the environment. When using soft and dangerous materials, water jet cutting is very inexpensive. One advantage of the waterjet is that it does not require secondary finishing to reduce the need for expensive tools and save money.

The water used for water jet cutting is 0,1 to 0,5 millimeters in diameter. The water pressure is increased to speed up the cutting process. Whether the abrasive is abrasive or a non-abrasive, the cutting process is safe and stress-free. Because of the high pressure, waterjet cutting does not generate any particles or heat.

Waterjet cutting can cut around almost any material. A high pressure pump drives water through the water jet and brings it to a high pressure. The high pressure water jet is high enough to cut material, but it cannot cut through harder or softer material. Some materials like glass are good candidates for waterjet cutting. Indeed, many industries use waterjet technology.

My opinion on this text:

  • There are some pointless phrases like "The high pressure water jet is high enough to cut material, but it cannot be cut through harder or softer material."
  • The use of some words is wrong, but small corrections can improve it.
  • Many statements on the subject of waterjet cutting are absolutely correct.
  • Overall, the text - if you consider that it is about a niche topic - is halfway ok, if a little less informative.

3rd article: 500 words on the subject of "How does search engine optimization work?"

The third text should contain over 500 words and revolves around a topic that I am reasonably familiar with. Let's see what he puts together.

  • Main keyword: How does search engine optimization work?
  • Sub-keywords: SEO, link building, backlinks, Google ranking, Google penalty

Finished article:

How does search engine optimization work?

SEO is a process that helps websites rank well on search engines. Search engines like Google use hundreds of ranking factors to determine the relevance of a page. The higher the quality of a website, the higher its ranking. The process is largely automated but still requires some work. In order to rank a page, it needs to be relevant to the keywords that people are looking for. To do this, the websites need to constantly update their content and create relevant links.

While it may seem uninterested, there is no need to panic suffer. In the early days of search engines, keyword density played an important role in ranking a website. In later years, however, Google prioritized quality over keyword density and rewards high-quality sites over those with low quality content. While this is a good thing for website owners, it is not enough for them to get higher rankings if you don't do SEO properly.

SEO is a combination of two great strategies. On-page optimization ensures that your website is relevant, and off-page optimization involves generating backlinks to your site. The goal of SEO is to increase your website visibility and ranking on search engines. The two parts of SEO are complementary and complementary. A pillar of a digital marketing strategy ensures that your website is visible in the SERPS.

Search engine optimization is critical to the success of your business. By increasing your presence on search engines, you can gain more exposure and more customers. However, it is important not to keep track of the latest buzzwords in SEO. They can hurt your business in the long run. You can improve your ranking by implementing a social media strategy. You should also implement a content strategy and get involved with influencer marketing. The purpose of SEO is to improve your website's presence in search results, but it shouldn't ruin your overall business.

In addition to the benefits of SEO, search results are improved. Search engines want to solve a query better than their competitors, so they index the pages that meet a searcher's query. By optimizing your website for SEO, you can absorb traffic from TV ads, increase brand visibility, and sell more ecommerce products. Your audience is looking for answers, and they are finding the information they need.

In addition to optimizing keywords, you should also optimize your website for mobile users. Search engines use mathematical algorithms to rank websites in search results. By optimizing the content, you will help your website in the first three positions in search results. For example, a web crawler crawls your website and extracts the links contained on the pages. Then it presents the results to users. When these links are found on your website, it shows them the relevant content.

My opinion on this text:

  • Grammatically, the text is a catastrophe.
  • In terms of content, it's surprisingly good. All important points such as on-page optimization, backlinks and even the suitability of the websites for mobile devices are addressed.
  • If the AI ​​were able to correct the grammar and sentence structure, I would be almost impressed by what it does.

Twisted facts: a problem I see with AI text generation

The AI ​​writing tools for articles usually do not “steal” any text passages from the Internet, but rather generate completely new sentences. On the one hand that is good, but on the other hand I see the danger here that technical data or properties of certain things or products cannot be displayed correctly.

I strongly assume that a text about a “technical data iPhone XS 2020” makes statements about the smartphone model, but is certainly not always correct. If you then use these texts in a shop, you are not exactly there as a specialist if a potential customer finds errors here.

My test with an article about the technical data for the iPhone SE 2020 revealed a number of correct as well as some incorrect statements (Photo: Apple).
My test with an article about the technical data for the iPhone SE 2020 uncovered both a number of correct and some incorrect statements (Photo: Apple).

I just tried it out to see if that was the case. Here are my results in the form of a table with the AI's statement on the left and the facts on the right.

Statement of the AIActual status
iPhone XS line is popularyes, I would see it that way too
in 2020 there will be three new modelsyes, three new models came, but 2020 is already over
iPhone SE 2020 has a notchno it doesn't
iPhone SE 2020 is waterproof according to IP68no, it is classified according to IP67
The article talks about an Apple patent that secures the 52-step construction of the iPhoneno, I couldn't find anything on such a patent
the iPhone chip is faster than a desktop computeryes and no, depending on which iPhone and which desktop computer you choose for comparison
in the iPhone SE 2020 is an A12 bionic chipno, there is an A13 bionic chip in this iPhone model
the model has a 3,5 inch screenno, it has a 4,7 inch screen
the rear camera has optical image stabilizationyes, it actually did

My assessment of Article Forge's AI-generated texts

The bottom line is that I'm halfway surprised at how good the content-related statements on the individual topics are. As you can see from the table, some things are wrong, but they even gave details that I didn't even have in mind. Therefore, the AI ​​has already convinced me to some extent with the content-related aspects.

What goes completely wrong, however, is the grammar and the sentence order, which has a very low level. Article Forge advertises with the slogan “the same quality as a human for a fraction of the cost.” – so that the texts that you create with Article Forge have the same quality as the texts written by a human being, but at a fraction of the cost. I would describe this statement (at least in relation to German content) as excessive self-overestimation. I've worked with a number of authors in the context of my SEO work and nobody has ever delivered such bad texts as Article Forge.

The bottom line is that you might be able to use the generated text as a filler somewhere, but I would definitely not put any of it in places where real visitors could possibly read the text.

If you want to try your luck with generating text yourself, you can the free 7 day trial of Article Forge use.

The tool is extremely versatile, offers decent support for the German language and also delivers pretty good texts. A test report will follow shortly.
The tool is extremely versatile, offers decent support for the German language and also delivers pretty good texts. A test report will follow shortly. is the better alternative

Since I've tried other tools as well, I can tell you that Tool is the better choice in my view. I will also write a detailed review about it, if you test Jarvis, you will quickly notice that it can deal with the German language much better than Article Forge.

There is no free test account there, but it is really worth it to be in to take a look inside. I got the “Boss Mode” account there because it actually supports me in my SEO work with many features in text generation.

Did you like the article and did the instructions on the blog help you? Then I would be happy if you the blog via a Steady Membership would support.

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