Check the charge status: Check the battery status of the AirPods

You can charge the Apple AirPods at any time with the charging case, if it is charged itself or is attached to a charger - but it is practical to check the battery level of the Bluetooth headphones in between. If you do this with your iPhone or iPad, not only the charge status of the AirPods is checked, but also the battery capacity of the transport and charging capsule. You will find out how to do this in this guide.

Here you will find instructions on how to check the battery level of the Apple AirPods.

Here you will find instructions on how to check the battery level of the Apple AirPods.

Check AirPods battery level with iOS device

It is possible to call up the charge status or battery level of the Apple AirPods with an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. To do this, of course, the respective devices must first be paired with the Bluetooth headphones. You can check the battery level in two different ways:

  1. Open the lid of the charging case when the AirPods are in it and hold the case close to the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. After a few seconds, the overview of the charge levels should appear.
  2. Alternatively, the battery widget can be used on the iOS device. The battery level of the device itself and that of the AirPods are displayed. The capacity of the charging case is only displayed if there is at least one AirPod in it.

Check the charge status with the Mac

In addition to iOS, you can also check the AirPods charge status on your Mac, iMac or MacBook. To do this, you have to pair the respective Apple computer with the headphones via Bluetooth and then go through the following steps:

  1. Open the lid of the charging case and / or take the AirPods out of it.
  2. Click on the Bluetooth symbol in the macOS menu bar.
  3. Move the mouse pointer over the AirPods with charging case.

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Cannot query via Siri

If you ask Siri for "AirPods battery status", then in all likelihood you will not get a satisfactory answer. Instead, the voice assistant tells you the battery status of the device used (such as the iPhone X) and other connected Apple devices (such as the Apple Watch). Here is the test result from the self-experiment:

Source: Apple

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  1. HDM says:

    Hi Sir Apfelot,

    just turn the question to Siri and ask for "AirPods battery level", then it works (but only the earplugs)

    • sir appleot says:

      So when I do that, the answer I get is: "The battery of your Apple Watch Jens is 78%." According to the display, he clearly understood "AirPods battery level" ... I don't know either. Siri is really not the brightest light ... ;-)

  2. JK says:

    “Battery Air Pods” works for me

  3. Luna says:

    For me, Siri says: the battery level of your AirPods is (eg) 65%. But the funny thing is that this is always the battery level of my cell phone

    • Jen Kleinholz says:

      Hello Luna! Ok, but what's the truth now? Are the AirPods at 65% or does Siri just call the iPhone battery level and pretend it's AirPods?

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