Cleaning AirPods: the best techniques and tools!

Both the "old" wired EarPods and the new wireless AirPods from Apple (here is the test report) are not immune to dust, lint and other foreign bodies. Wearing them in the ears adds to the need to clean the headphones every now and then. In addition, the charging case does not close dust-tight, so that dust, lint and the like come together here. Especially when you carry the case in your jacket or trouser pocket, backpack or handbag. Therefore, here you will find tips on cleaning AirPods with various techniques and means.

Cleaning the Apple AirPods and removing them from dirt should be done without water and only with certain aids. Here are some tips for cleaning your headphones.
Cleaning the Apple AirPods and removing them from dirt should be done without water and only with certain aids. Here are some tips for cleaning your headphones.

Cleaning EarPods and AirPods - Tips from Apple

Apple officially states that you should use a "soft, dry, lint-free cloth" to clean the headphones. The grilles of the microphone and loudspeaker can also be worked on with cotton swabs and / or a dry, clean brush. The latter should have soft bristles. No liquid should be used here either; And you should also avoid using abrasive cleaning agents and sharp objects. The same also applies to cleaning the AirPods charging case. (Which)

Remove dirt from connections and small openings

Now the various openings, protective grilles and connections are not the largest and foreign objects are therefore not so easy to remove. Something sits in the Apple EarPods, AirPods or the charging case, things can get tricky. You should use compressed air – different from the MacBook keyboard - do without here as well as with the iPhone or iPad. But you can do that Type cleaner use, which is actually used for typewriter letters; alternatively Doughwhich is mostly used to attach posters. You will find a set of different antistatic brushes and cleaning gel for electronic devices with this link.

Your tips for cleaning headphones

What are your tips and tricks for cleaning headphones in general and Apple AirPods in particular? And what should you leave behind? Feel free to write a comment with your tips and experiences :)

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4 Responses to "Clean AirPods: The best techniques and remedies!"

  1. I bought a small vacuum cleaner for about 25 € for keyboards etc. and it also has a head with a small brush. This also makes it easy to clean headphones.

    1. Hello Carlo! Thanks to you for the idea! I didn't know that before! Which mini vacuum cleaner did you buy? The models on Amazon all have very mixed ratings ...

  2. The Airpods work, that's it. With normal overear headphones from Aldi for 20 euros volume on minimum, with the Airpods on 3/4. Sufficient for calls and vidlogs on the IMac, as it can be used individually.

  3. The Airpods but also keyboards are super easy to clean with high-percentage alcohol. Soak cotton swabs and rub gently.
    You can get the alcohol in the pharmacy, 100ml about 7 €

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