AirPods in the test: detailed experience report on the wireless Apple headphones

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Rene Ritchie from iMore had the opportunity to to subject the AirPods from Apple to a testwhose report turned out to be quite extensive in the end. Here I would like to share with you the highlights of the Experience report on the Apple AirPods in German reproduce. This gives you a quick and easy insight into the actual performance and the experienced quality of the wireless headphones from Cupertino. You can find the original review of Rene Ritchie's AirPods at

You can now buy the AirPods in the Apple Online Store. While yours is waiting for their delivery, you can study the following remarks on testing the wireless headphones
You can now buy the AirPods in the Apple Online Store. While yours is waiting for their delivery, you can study the following remarks on testing the wireless headphones;)

Buy Apple AirPods - wireless headphones can now be ordered

You can order the AirPods on the Apple Online Store website. The currently displayed delivery time is 4 weeks. So you can start with the first good resolution for 2017: don't be so impatient;) If you want to strike after (or even before) the following remarks on the test of the wireless headphones, then you can find the earplugs here in the Apple Online Store.

First impressions: Apple AirPods test in a comprehensive form

Above you can find the whole test and experience report on the new headphones from Apple. Here I would like to briefly break down the individual points (case, headphones, connection, test, audio quality, etc.) to the most important. I think it would be inappropriate to translate the entire article. If you don't fully understand one or the other passage in the original article and also the Google translator can't help you, feel free to leave a comment. First of all, there is now a summary of the AirPods experience report:

  • AirPods Case: Reminds of Jony Ive's white iPod, opening and closing is as entertaining as an old lighter. Both the magnets for the case flap and for the AirPods are just strong enough to allow perfect operation. In short: good feel. In addition, there is the LED between the AirPods in the case, which shows the charging status of the earplugs, and the Lightning connector on the bottom of the box for charging all components.
  • The headphones themselves: You look like EarPods, whose cables have literally been cut off; The evolution of Apple headphones becomes clear at a glance. The structure of the right and left plugs is the same, just mirrored. They seem to hold up during exercise and sport as well as in wind and weather. They only fall out with very strong head movements.
  • Pairing, the connection: No keyboard shortcuts, codes and miracles are needed here for a connection and its maintenance. Simply activate Bluetooth, hold the case close to the iPhone and open it. A control screen appears with overviews and options for the case and headphones. But it also works so easily with other iCloud-connected devices: with the Apple Watch, iPad, Mac, etc.
AirPods pairing with iPhone. Establishing a connection via Bluetooth is user-friendly. Image source: iMore
AirPods pairing with iPhone. Establishing a connection via Bluetooth is user-friendly. Image source: iMore
  • AirPods in action: The connection with iPhone, Apple Watch, etc. is realized via Bluetooth. The interaction between users and the devices, however, is controlled via Siri. Double tap on one of the AirPods and then speak the command: pause, play, next song, louder, quieter, answer a call, and so on. The use of only one or then both earplugs works smoothly and it is automatically switched from mono to stereo. For those who don't want to talk to Siri: in the settings (to be controlled via the iPhone), double tapping the AirPods can also be set up as a play / pause command. However, all other control options mentioned are lost and must be done using an iPhone / Apple Watch / Mac etc.
    If you don't dare to chat openly with Siri right away: Rene Ritchie's test has shown that you don't have to speak out loud or too explicitly. Even if there is background noise, Siri understands the user perfectly - if necessary, it automatically switches from using one microphone to both microphones ... very smart!
  • Sound quality of the AirPods: Anyone who has ever used Apple's EarPods can probably get an idea of ​​the sound quality of the new wireless versions. In addition to the audio output, which should be quite acceptable, the quality of the speech picked up by the microphones is emphasized. Suitable for phone calls as well as podcasts and the like. Not bad!
  • Batteries, capacity, playing time: Rene Ritchie can the information from Apple that the AirPods run for 5 hours and the case should last a further 24 hours of battery life, "more or less" to confirm. A tip from the test report: only ever use one and load the other at the same time in order to enable continuous use.
  • Conclusion (as transferred quote): "I test preproduction hardware, which means my results may not be exactly the same as the final sales products. I'm pretty impressed though. When I started I thought that the AirPods would be unusable for me, if only because of their shape. Instead, I could now use it permanently. So much so that I don't even want to wear wired headphones anymore."

AirPods review by Rene Ritchie in short

With the AirPods, all Apple users get - at a high price, but at least - a pair of very smart wireless headphones that counteract them much previous ridiculenot get lost that easily. The connectivity, the operation, the sound and, last but not least, the feel: at Apple everything should be perfect again; and it seems to have worked again. Have you already ordered the AirPods? Have you already been able to use it? What are your impressions? Feel free to leave a comment! :)

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5 comments on "AirPods in the test: detailed experience report on the wireless Apple headphones"

  1. I will definitely not get the AirPods. Why the designer was inspired by the brush head for electric toothbrushes remains a mystery to me. But you can see at first glance that you are becoming a mockery of people. The tester does not believe that these things hold up well, since the similar EarPods fall out of their ears much too quickly. The tip to only use one and load the second one is a joke. I'm a die-hard Apple user myself, but I have the impression that the tester suffers from a loss of reality. The price is completely excessive and I suspect that the AirPods will soon disappear from the market.

    1. Hello Horst! Thank you for your opinion! I am very unsure whether to buy it. I have to admit that the price would hurt me too, and in the end I have so many headphones lying around here that I find good that I don't need a few more. And visually they really aren't that great. But I am still sure that they are sold a lot. I would be surprised if they disappear from the market again. But I like to be surprised! ;-)

  2. The headphones receive via bluetooth. In flight mode, however, Bluetooth is also deactivated - this sounds familiar from the Apple Watch, among other things.

    1. Yes??? what is the author trying to tell us? That is the case with almost all smartphones and all wireless headphones. Unless you connect it directly to the Wifi cable! ;-)

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