Alarm clock on Mac OS X with the Aurora app

OS X alarm clock Aurora
OS X alarm clock Aurora

The OS X Mac app Aurora is a great alarm clock for Apple computers.

A function that I have been missing from [OS X-> mac-os-x] for a long time is a timer or an alarm clock. There used to be the Alarm Clock 2 software, which was free and worked well, but unfortunately I can no longer find it on the Internet. It looks like the programmer has run away. :)

Well, there is an alternative for everything and in this case it is the beautiful app "AuroraThis goes far beyond a normal alarm clock in terms of functionality, because you can not only use a snooze function and let the iTnues music of your choice throw you out of bed, you can also control the [EyeTV-> eyeTV] app and be woken up in the morning by television or radio through EyeTV.

A sleep timer is also available in Aurora. For example, you can set Aurora to put the Mac to sleep when the DVD is finished or a Quicktime movie is over.

Aurora is unfortunately not freeware, but for the 12 EUR it currently costs, you get a very reasonable alarm clock app. A demo version can be downloaded for free.



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