Instructions: Get "All my files" back into the sidebar under Mac OS X.

Finder Preferences All of my files

I recently noticed that "All My Files" is no longer showing in the windows of my Finder. However, this view has some advantages, because I often forget where files have ended up that I have saved in various programs.

With "All my files" you can then simply select the view "last opened" and you get an overview of the files that you were working on today, yesterday or last week.

Change all of my files view

The view according to "last opened" shows the files that were used today, yesterday or last week - very practical!

But for me that point was out of the question Finder-Window sidebar disappeared. And I was a bit on the hose how I could get this "All My Files" view back into the sidebar. The solution was found after a bit of googling. The colleagues from "Ask Different"already had an answer to it:

  1. Click on the Finder at the bottom (or to the side, depending on where you have yours!) in the Dock
  2. then go to "Finder" -> "Settings" in the menu above (CTRL + "," (apple + comma) also do this via shortcut)
  3. then click on the "Sidebar" icon and check the "All my files" item
  4. finished!

So that you can understand the individual steps, here are the corresponding screenshots:

Finder settings

The first thing to do is to select the "Settings" option in the top left of the Finder.

Finder Preferences All of my files

Under the settings, click on "Sidebar" and tick "All my files". Finished!




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  1. McPeppermint says:

    Yes, exactly these "simple" settings are the things that let everything run together. Unfortunately there is only a "chunk" of it here and there, I would like one: "Collected Simpelere"!

    • sir appleot says:

      It's a bit difficult to make a collection because a lot of things are individual and totally unexciting for some people. For this reason, I prefer to make small articles with tips on a specific problem.

  2. Irene Keidel-Aparcev says:

    This is what happened to me. I clicked on my finder to search for pictures. The Finder opened - but only with the page list. (Like a "New Folder")
    There was no program open. I then tried to get my pictures via "Programs" from the page list, which I managed to do after clicking several times.
    A friend of mine said that if you clicked Find, it always shows programs as well as the page list. But it wasn't the case with me. There was no program - only the page list (favorites)
    Can someone please write to me if something like this can happen.
    He actually said that I would have clicked on a "new folder" several times. How stupid do you have to be.

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Irene! Unfortunately, I haven't really understood it yet. If you want to call up the pictures. If you just press cmd + N on the keyboard and you will get a new Finder window. There is a "Pictures" item in the sidebar, which you can use to access the photos. As a rule, however, you manage your photos on the Mac via the "Photos" app. So I would try to work with it. If I have misunderstood something, or the problem is different, I can help you directly. You can email me using the contact form! LG and have a nice Christmas! Jens

  3. Carmen says:

    Hello Sir Apfelot,
    unfortunately, some things are wrong with me. Now wanted to try to get all my files again according to your instructions, but it is nowhere. There are ticks everywhere and all my files are not listed at all; o (
    Carmen sends you desperate greetings from the Münsterland

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Carmen! I'm sorry. But now I don't know where the problem could be. Are you stuck with the screenshots? Or where does it hang with you? LG! Jens

  4. Thomas says:

    it doesn't work for me ALL MY FILES are not displayed. I am desperate. Help. Help. Help. AHHHHH

  5. Nicolas says:


    I've tried Google, but didn't find anything bulky: under El Capitan there was "All my files" in the Finder and under Mojave it is not there.

    Can I get this back somehow? I found it very practical now and then!

    • sir appleot says:

      No, they seem to have deleted that completely. Under Finder> Settings there was the item "All my data" to tick off, but it is no longer available. :(

  6. Nicolas says:

    I have now made the following workaround, as I actually found "all of my files" to be quite useful, especially when tracking down large images or video files.

    1. Open the Finder window and click on the Home icon, HD, or name of the computer in the left sidebar.

    2. cmd-F: This opens the search mask

    3. Select "Type" in the left drop-down menu

    4. Now select eg Image, Film, Document, PDF etc. in the right drop-down menu

    Now you get a display like "All my files"

    Not as smooth as before, but better than nothing!

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Nicolas! You could also assemble this as a smart folder and then drag it into the sidebar. Then you can reach it as a direct link.

      • Nicolas says:

        I actually tried that (following instructions on the net) and, to my shame, failed miserably ...

        I'm only a pit bull to a limited extent in such things, at some point the ambition leaves me and then just let it ....


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