Amazon Dash Button: Reorder consumables at the push of a button

Sir Apfelot Dashbutton - Amazon Dash Button

The Amazon Dash button is currently a hotly debated novelty from the largest Internet mail order company in the world. “Useful or just a way into a society that is completely cut off from retail?” Some of you are sure to ask when you look at Amazon's Dash Button. Also with regard to the products that can be ordered with it, there are some frowns or even the odd smile or two. But what is behind the dash button, how does it work and how do you not accidentally order 100 detergents when the children are playing with it or the dog is chewing on it?

The Amazon Dash Button: Order products with a physical button

It is an actual product and not a "button" that you can see as an add-on in the Browser placed or as a widget on the desktop or the start screen of the smartphone. There is a dash button for each product or for certain brands, which costs 4,99 euros. This is how detergents from Ariel or Persil just as easily and quickly as ordering care products from Schwarzkopf or Wilkinson Sword razor.

Various Amazon Dash Button models for the household

Various Amazon Dash Button models for the household; Image source: Amazon

Target groups: Stressed people and specialist institutions

It seems like the Amazon Dash Buttons were made especially for people who could go to the nearest supermarket but don't want to. Either for a chronic lack of time or for some other reason. In addition to the versions already shown, there are also Dash Buttons from for pet owners Caesar Salad, Sheba, Dreamies, Pedigree and so on.

Various Amazon Dash Button models

Various Amazon Dash Button models for animal lovers and special establishments; Image source: Amazon

But I could also imagine institutions as a target group that are visited by lonely people or people who are not warmly received at home. What do I mean by that? Of course these houses with several differently equipped rooms, scantily clad employees and the need for these Amazon Dash Buttons: Veet, Sagrotan, Kleenex, Durex and maybe Oral B.

How it works: This is how the Amazon Dash Button is used

The Amazon Dash Button is linked to the home WiFi network and, thanks to adhesive strips and hooks, can be attached or hung in many different places: the Ariel Button on the washing machine, the Somat button at the dishwasher and the Whiska's button on the cat. The button is set up and adjusted to a special product from the corresponding company via the Amazon app.

An advantage highlighted by Amazon: There is a discount of 4,99 euros for the first order with the Amazon Dash Button. That is, the expenses for the device are effectively credited to the user. However, the dash buttons are only for Amazon Prime members available. additional Information you can find here. Amazon provides detailed help on setting up the device here are available.

Protection against wrong orders and too much mail

Orders that are placed with the dash button must - if this has been set by the user - first be confirmed. This is very easy to do via push notification on the smartphone. Because the buttons are linked to the Amazon app in which you are logged in. Orders placed directly are also displayed there so that they can be quickly canceled or revoked.

Conclusion on the Amazon Dash Button

There will certainly be people and groups of people who have just been waiting for such a product. I think, from my personal point of view, that one or the other button can make sense. If companies with more specialized consumer goods that cannot be found in every supermarket join in, then the product may make even more sense. As already noted with a wink, some companies or entrepreneurs will certainly benefit from the Dash buttons.

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