Anker 541 - 6-in-1 USB-C Adapter for the Apple iPad

In addition to the Anchor 563 for MacBook and the Anker 535 for the iMac there is now also an anchor adapter for the Apple iPad. The 6-in-1 USB-C adapter is labeled Anchor 541 and comes with USB ports with 5 Gbit/s, memory card slots, a headphone and an HDMI port. The practical accessory can be used on the iPad Pro from the 4th generation, on the iPad Air of the 4th generation / 5nd gen and at iPad mini from the 6th generation. At least iPadOS 13 is required for recognition and use. Further details and purchase options there with this link.

The Anker 541 USB-C adapter for iPad Pro, iPad Air and iPad mini with Thunderbolt connection brings you several practical connections for storage media, peripherals, monitors or televisions as well as headphones/speakers.

Anker 541 for iPad: USB-C, USB-A, SD, microSD, jack and HDMI

The 6-in-1 adapter is specially made for the different USB-C models of the Apple iPad. It is simply plugged in and various connections can then be used on the tablet. This allows storage media such as sticks or hard drives, but also peripherals such as mice and keyboards to be connected. There is also a connection for headphones, two memory card slots and one HDMI-Connection for monitors and televisions. Here is an overview of everything and further technical details:

  • HDMI connection for video transmission up to 4K with 60 fps
  • USB-C port with 5 Gbit/s and 60W PowerDelivery
  • 5Gbps USB-A port
  • Card reader for SD memory cards with 104 MB/S
  • Card reader for microSD memory cards with 104 MB/S
  • 3,5mm jack headphone jack
Anker USB C Hub for iPad, 541 USB C Hub (6-in-1), with 4K HDMI input, multifunction port USB-C,...
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Anker USB C Hub for iPad, 541 USB C Hub (6-in-1), with 4K HDMI input, multifunction port USB-C,...
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  • SMART FUNCTIONALITY: Turn your iPad's USB-C port into a 4K HDMI port, a multifunctional ...
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It is still possible to use the iPad's quick charging function

Thanks to the USB-C connection with PowerDelivery, the iPad can still be quickly charged, even if you use the Anker 541 adapter on it. Up to 60 watts of power are passed through for charging; the quick charging function of the Apple tablet works when using a charger with 30 watts or more. On the product page linked above you will find further instructions for use, e.g. B. When using a Magic Keyboard at the same time, the Anker accessory should be connected first before the keyboard is connected to ensure smooth operation. Have fun trying!


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