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The technology and accessories manufacturer Anker is introducing its new product line Anchor Work products designed for the home office and offices. For example, you can now use the webcam Power Conf C300 and the mobile conference speaker PowerConf S500 to buy. The webcam is said to provide a smart image section and auto focus in just 0,35 seconds using artificial intelligence. The loudspeaker provides noise isolation based on the use of four microphones and the VoiceRadar technology developed by Anker. 

  • Anker PowerConf C300 webcam: Buy here from Amazon
  • Anker PowerConf S500 loudspeakers: availability will be announced later
For the new AnkerWork product line from Anker, details on the PowerConf C300 webcam and the PowerConf S500 conference loudspeaker have been published.
For the new AnkerWork product line from Anker, details on the PowerConf C300 webcam and the PowerConf S500 conference loudspeaker have been published.

AnkerWork webcam: Anker PowerConf C300

The webcam has a Full HD resolution of 1.920 x 1.080 pixels and 60 fps. According to the manufacturer Anker, it should ensure a high-quality image with correct color reproduction and very good low-light performance thanks to an AI chip. 

The field of view is not fixed and can be selected individually depending on the size of the room, the distance to the camera and the number of people: 78 degrees for close-ups, 90 degrees for a medium field of view and 115 degrees for a larger or further exposure. The AI ​​technology should also adapt the camera frame individually and thus leave people in the center of the image and in focus. 

Thanks to two microphones, the PowerConf C300 can transmit audio as well as image - in stereo. The individually usable and smart webcam for the desktop computer or laptop costs 129,99 euros and is now available from Amazon.

55,00 EUR
Anker PowerConf C300 Smart Full HD webcam, with microphone, AI framing & autofocus, 1080p, 60 FPS ...
  • MAKE A GOOD IMPRESSION: PowerConf's smart 1080p / 60FPS camera ensures that you are great in every conference ...
  • WITHOUT DISTRACTION: Thanks to the integrated Active Gain Control noise isolation, background noise is effectively ...
  • SHINE BRIGHT: If you work late at night or with colleagues from different time zones, our guaranteed ...

AnkerWork conference loudspeaker: Anker PowerConf S500

If there is no video conference on a Mac, iMac, MacBook or other computer, but a conference call, the PowerConf S500 loudspeaker can be used. This is the further development of the already available Anker PowerConf S3, which not only has a slimmer design, but also better audio functions.

Four improved microphones are used that are equipped with Ankers VoiceRadar technology. This ensures that only the voice of the person speaking can be heard and all other noises are faded out. The conference loudspeaker can also be linked as a microphone for the C300 camera for this purpose.

There is also the option of coupling two S500 devices in order to hold a conference call with a larger group of participants. The availability and price of the device have not yet been announced, but their future release has been announced. 

Further home office and small office solutions are to be expected

The two products presented were certainly not the last AnkerWork devices from Anker. They emerge from the already successful PowerConf devices such as the S3 loudspeaker and are now a permanent part of the manufacturer's range. If the quality promises are kept, the articles will certainly be in high demand and will be expanded to include further practical solutions in the future. In addition, Anker seems to have made home office a priority, so more gadgets can generally be expected here. Let's see what else is to come.

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2 comments on “AnkerWork – Anker Introduces Home Office and Conferencing Solutions”

  1. I ordered it yesterday and is supposed to come today.
    The zoom is interesting for me.
    A fast, responsive auto zoom is important.
    And of course a good sensor that naturally records colors. Not that it looks like I threw away three crates of beer yesterday ;-)

    1. Hello wolf! I look forward to your assessment of the device once you have received it. LG, Jens PS: The cameras with the 3 beer crates are unfortunately the ones that Apple still uses in their MacBook Air and Pro models. ????

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