Toy robots with AI: Anki Cozmo in first tests

The Anki Cosmo is a small robot with artificial intelligence, learning potential and its own toy that can be ordered or bought in stores in Germany in September 2017. However, the first tests and reviews of the Anki Cozmo are already available, also in German. Here I have summarized a few user opinions and experiences for you so that you know whether it is worth buying the toy robot with AI. Tip: especially the videos give a good impression of Anki Cozmo.

Anki Cozmo test and videos

The inner workings of the Anki Cozmo. Over 300 components, several processors and four motors ensure a headstrong robot in the smallest of spaces. Experiences and test votes can be found here in the article.

Anki Cozmo: mini robots, boxes as toys and apps

The Anki Cozmo is marketed as a small, playful robot that, equipped with artificial intelligence, learns more and more over time. In addition, he should be cheeky, i.e. not always comply with all requests immediately. There are also three boxes included as toys. The Cozmo can stack, drive around or knock over these.

Because in addition to the wheels, he also brings a lifting arm as an interactive tool. When the Cozmo isn't being entertained by people (or vice versa), he can keep himself busy. The communication between humans and robots works also and above all via a App, which is available for iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire.

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Product details: Some technical data

You won't find a detailed data sheet for the Anki Cozmo; However, there are individual details about the device from the manufacturer, which I have compiled for you here:

  • Four motors are installed to move the wheels, the lifting arm and the head
  • The screen has 128 x 64 pixels to display emotions and animations
  • A camera is built in to spot owners, other people and even animals
  • Cozmo's boxes, the Power Cubes, can also be used interactively
  • The lifting arm is moved with an accuracy of 2 mm; it is used for stacking and tearing the boxes, for emotions and when two Cozmos meet:

Anki Cozmo scope of delivery: It's inside

The scope of delivery includes the Cozmo robot, a Charging cradle and the three interactive power cubes. A cable is also required for the charging cradle; this can also be connected to a PC or Mac. If you want to test the Anki Cozmo, you need an iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone or tablet or an Amazon Kindle with app function. Then you load the corresponding app and you're ready to go.

Download the Cozmo app

Order, pre-order or buy Anki Cozmo from September 2017

You can already order the robot from Amazon as a US import. At some electronics retailers such as Media Markt, it is also already possible to pre-order for the release in Germany. The prices are different, especially when it comes to current imports. On Amazon you are currently with around 300 euros. If you can wait until September, you'd better pay the retail price of 229,99 euros. For this price, the Anki Cozmo is available in a white-and-red combination or as a Collector's Edition in black.

Test reports and experiences with the toy AI

A separate test from Apfelot is not yet available; but certainly something that will be kept in mind until September if you have the appropriate account balance;) Until then, I would like to summarize a few findings from tests that are already available:

The hamster-sized robot can be compared to WALL-E. It's cute, but also sometimes unpredictable. Because he can certainly master tasks and keep himself busy, but when stubbornness comes over him, then he just lets it go. He can also freak out if he loses in a game. If he is alone too much, he annoys around. But the more you deal with it, the more it interacts and the more emotions and tricks it can do.

When fully occupied, the battery lasts approx. 1,5 hours; it is loaded in 8 minutes. It can only be used via the app; there is no voice control. This would require a cloud service - Anki is also concerned with data protection with the lack of speech recognition. However, users can use the software development kit (SDK) to break new ground with the robot, largely without any programming knowledge. The source for the last two paragraphs is

Anki Cozmo: Hands-on and test of Curved

I'll spare you a summary of the article by Curved, because the editorial team has a corresponding video. It shows data, facts and impressions as well as the Anki Cozmo in action:

The video also shows the racing game Anki Overdrive mentioned. If you want information about the Overdrive game, you can go directly to read on - namely this article: Anki Overdrive in the test: test reports on the racetrack toy 2.0. The app updates for the robot are also mentioned in the video. You can find an overview of Anki right here. Information on the SDK is available auf dieser seite.

Your opinion on Anki Cozmo

What do you think of the little fellow with his cute but stubborn behavior? Do you think that it offers long-term potential for a varied occupation or is playing with it boring? The manufacturer at least promises that there will always be new tasks, puzzles, games and other interactions. And maybe there will be other accessories in addition to the Power Cubes in the future ... what do you think? Feel free to leave a comment on the topic;)


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