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Security programs antivirus
Security programs antivirus

Security programs from well-known manufacturers help against worms, Trojans, phishing and other attacks on your computer security (Photo: © maxkabakov -

For Mac users, the topic "[Computer virus-> computer virus]" is exhausted very quickly, since the operating system, like Linux, offers hardly any possibility of attack for viruses due to its structure. For Windows PCs, on the other hand, the amount of malware available is significantly greater. From viruses that infect other files on the computer and also other computers, to Trojans that allow foreign hackers to remotely control your PC invisibly, to spyware that illegally evaluates your activities on the computer and on the Internet, there are quite a few variants Malware that you never want to have on your computer.

Help against malware - free or paid?

The problem software mentioned above is not easy to recognize by the user and is usually even more difficult to remove, because this type of software is programmed in such a way that it infects the computer again and again when one tries to delete an instance. For this reason, you can only achieve your goal with a professional anti-virus program if you want to rid your computer of malware and then keep it "clean".

The big question is always: Can I use software that is free - so-called freeware - or should I choose a product that costs money? The answer to the question is given when you realize how much work it takes to maintain a database in order to detect all the malware and computer viruses. Every variation of a computer virus must be stored in the database again so that the antivirus software can use the "footprints" to continuously check emails, downloads and system files whether they contain known malware. Since this involves a huge amount of work, a lot of staff and expensive hardware that is used to search for new infections and types of viruses, manufacturers have to charge a monthly or annual fee for the antivirus software.

Prefer professional security software manufacturers

For this reason, I cannot imagine that an operator of free, free antivirus freeware can keep its detection database on the same level as a professional provider who earns his money with it. The consequence of free software can therefore lead to the software not being kept up-to-date and no longer recognizing more and more malware, which can then "infect" the computer and cause mischief on it unhindered. I prefer to pay a small amount a year and am sure that I, the manufacturer of the antivirus software, will do everything possible to keep the virus programs away from my computer.

Which antivirus software is the best?

With the extensive range of antivirus software on offer, it is difficult for a layperson to decide which one to use. For this reason, I would like to introduce the programs that I know and that are used reasonably often by the rest of my circle of friends. I limit myself to the antivirus programs that you can buy directly as a download from Amazon, because I think that after selecting the software, you should quickly install it in order to get the fastest possible protection of the Windows computer.

All these programs run under the usual Windows versions (Windows 7 / Vista / XP / Windows 8). Likewise, not only do all of them perform an initial check of the entire computer, they also check new incoming mails or files that have just been downloaded. I would not recommend any other software, nor would I include it in a list of the "best".

Avira Antivirus Premium 2013 - 1 year license
Avira has a good name and has been on the market for many years. Unfortunately, there are currently problems with Windows 8 compatibility, so Windows 8 users should prefer to use another provider. The annual license for one computer costs around 15 EUR. I have been using Avira for a number of years and find it very pleasant to use. It stays very much in the background and if it finds something, it reports.
Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2013 - 1 year license
At 22,90 EUR for the annual license, Kaspersky is not the cheapest provider, but it runs smoothly with Windows 8 and has a lot of 5-star ratings.
G Data Antivirus 2013 - 1 year license
G Data is also a well-known player in the anti-virus sector. At just under EUR 20, the license is in the midfield. The program uses the virus engines from Bitdefender and Kaspersky and thus has a fairly extensive pool of virus definitions available. Unfortunately, some users seem to be annoyed with the frequent updates, some of which come every few hours.
ESET NOD32 Antivirus 5 Gamer Edition - 1 year license
This virus scanner from ESET seems to be a little insider tip. With just under 18 EUR you can even secure several operating systems such as Windows or Mac OS X on one computer. The Gamer Edition is designed in such a way that the processes do not slow down computer performance and also do not block the Internet connection. This means that playing first-person shooters or online role-playing games should run smoothly despite the virus scanner. The customer ratings consist almost exclusively of 5-star ratings, so that this virus scanner can really confidently be classified as a recommendation.
Norton Internet Security 2013 - 1 year license
I already knew the product under Norton Antivirus. At 15 EUR it is quite inexpensive and still got good grades. It works in the background to conserve resources and warns of the usual dangers. In addition to many 5-star ratings, however, it also got some in the 1-3 star categories, which always makes me a bit puzzled.

My conclusion on the subject of security software

I hope you will find a suitable antivirus program for you with the selection. If you gamble a lot and also like to play online games, then that's for sure ESET NOD 32 the right choice for you. For most users new to Windows 8, you can Avira Antivirus recommend and anyone who already has Windows 8 running is sure to join Kaspersky well served.

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