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Zalando apps

Anyone who wants to scream with happiness on the go, can with the new Zalando shopping apps land a huge hit. Not only ordering new clothes and shoes around the clock and in the café around the corner or during the lunch break, but also comparing prices and discovering new trends - the Zalando app should offer the user all of this. But can she do it?

Zalando apps

The Zalando apps are available for iOS, Android and Windows or Windows Phone. (Source:

The app is available for Android, iOS and Windows or Windows Phone and thus supports all common operating systems. On Android and iOS, in addition to the general features, there is a practical barcode scanner for price comparisons on the go: if you find a new pair of trousers in your favorite store, the barcode can be easily scanned, the price compared with that of Zalando and then ordered straight away. In addition, you save yourself trying on and returning the ordered goods, because the pants can be extensively "tested" in the store. As on the website, the right to return goods is 100 days and the goods are shipped and returned free of charge.

The style of the app is based heavily on the already known online shop, which should make it easy and intuitive to use for most users. The app also offers categories and product searches. In addition, Zalando offers a magazine with the latest fashion trends, which of course can be bought in the shop in one way or another. If you want to reinvent yourself or be inspired, you can test the styleshaker: simply randomly combine a wide variety of clothing items by shaking your smartphone - please hold your smartphone firmly! - If you like, pin and continue "shaking". So you can find crazy and interesting outfits without having to search the entire shop. A funny and at the same time practical idea that represents a clear advantage of the app over the classic online shop.

The order itself works in the classic way and is processed via a security server so that customer and payment data can be transmitted securely. The synchronization between the app and the online shop is practical, so that the same account can be used and orders, wish lists and the like are equally available on the PC, smartphone and tablet. If you don't have a customer account yet, you can easily create one using the app!

Thus, the Zalando app offers a simple option for mobile shopping. The app is easy and intuitive to use, offers sufficient security features for ordering thanks to the Zalando security server and is also a lot of fun thanks to the built-in style shaker. The Zalando Magazine may be interesting for some, but it is clearly not one of the highlights of the app.




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