Apple AirPods: If you don't have a cable, you don't have to worry about the Twitter ridicule

Funny: Toothbrush heads as Apple AirPods replacement

On Apple Keynote two days ago were next to the iPhone 7 and its plus model also the wireless ones Apple AirPods presented. This high-tech alternative to the previous Apple EarPods has many advantages, but also a technical detail that many consider to be a disadvantage: no cables. Earplugs, which could therefore be lost relatively easily, for 179 euros? No wonder so many people make fun of it on Twitter and other social networks. Here is a little summary of the Twitter derision received by the Apple AirPods.

Funny: Toothbrush heads as Apple AirPods replacement

Funny: You can easily use toothbrush heads to replace Apple AirPods if you don't want to spend the 179 EUR (Photo: Sir Apfelot).

Find My AirPods and other creative ideas on Twitter

Shortly after the launch of the new headphones for the iPhone 7, Mr. SGAG (@SGAG_SG) tweeted about it, posting the new top 1 free iOS Apps predicted: "Find My AirPods". Here is the corresponding image (and the ):

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Apple Airpods Twitter - ridicule and mockery

Find My AirPods as a free iOS app in the Apple App Store - just one of many ideas on Twitter

@oguz meanwhile tweets a short but concise business idea: "Insurance for loss of #AirPods "- I am sure that this insurance would quickly disappear from the market;)

@BuntesDresden writes: "Next to the row: Got the new ones #AirPods already, now there's something on the ears [...] "and provides the following picture ( ):

Apple Airpods head electric toothbrush

Apple Airpods: The resemblance to the heads of electric toothbrushes is amazing!

By the way, if you are afraid of losing your Apple AirPods in a completely different pot, you will also get a very nice solution, namely from @DonQuijoteCH:

Apple AirPods Twitter

But not only the loss of the new earplugs for Apple fanboys and fangirls is discussed on Twitter; Procurement is also a creatively debated topic, like a tweet from @designlovrDE shows: "What for #AirPods buy when you can find them ?! #AppleEvent "

The user @barbaratoth however, proposes the creation and marketing of new accessories for Apple products: "Does apple then supply colorful airpods chains like you have for glasses so that we don't lose them? A new world of accessories!"

Societal and social consequences of Apple AirPods

Searching and finding is one thing when it comes to Apple's new wireless headphones. Entirely different posts on Twitter are aimed at looking for conversations, finding peace and maybe also a partner ...

So writes among other things @larafritzsche: "How are shy teenagers in love supposed to get close now when they can no longer share wired headphones? #airpods "

And @PastorGunnar want to know: "How are people supposed to notice that I don't want to talk when there's no cord hanging out of my ears? #AppleEvent #AirPods "

The user @ intermittently however, his comment seems rather critical when it comes to the comments of the other users: "If you are believed, you should soon be everywhere on the street #airpods lying around that you've lost. #AppleEvent “- But if you imagine this figuratively, then another part-time job for some people would be to collect deposits ...

It only becomes embarrassing for those who have lost their AirPods when they land directly in a puddle of mud. @Mitsmann has thought about the corresponding replacement and posted to the text "That awkward moment when you drop on #airpod #AppleEvent “this picture ( ):

AirPods puddle

If the Apple AirPods fall into a puddle, you can get lost in the search ...

Apple and the Amazon Dash Button

So what should you do if you can afford to constantly replace the AirPods and therefore lose them all the time? Well I have no idea because I can't afford it. But @mspro has made his thoughts about it: "i don't worry about losing the airpods. I'm sure apple will offer an amazon dash button for this."

With that he is in the same horn as the postillonwho already has one Amazon Dash Button for the iPhone announced - because Apple fans always need fresh supplies; at least once a year:

Amazon Dash Button iPhone Postillon

Apple fanboys and fangirls will love this dash button from Amazon; Image source: Postillon

More information about the Apple AirPods and also to Amazon Dash button you will get it soon at Then things get a little more serious, professional and technical again. I hope you enjoyed my little humorous digression - please leave a comment on it. Maybe you have completely different ideas about the new headphones from Apple ?!


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  1. Horst Hader says:

    Hi Jens,
    When I saw the Airpods for the first time, my first thought was "They look like the cleaning heads of my Oral B toothbrush". Was in the Applestore in Munich today and picked up my iPhone SE 64 GB (previously ordered online at I was surprised by the price (539 instead of 589 euros). Am thrilled. Finally a handy iPhone again and it's fast too. It's really fun. The Taotronic InEars also worked right away. I successfully resisted the temptation to order an IPhone 7 256 GB in the store, even if it was difficult.



    • sir appleot says:

      Hi Horst! Yes, the iPhone 6SE is a beautiful device. I'm also more of a fan of small devices, but now I wanted an iPhone 7 Plus - because of the special camera and because I wanted to test an iPhone Plus. I'm already excited. If it's just not manageable, I still have the iPhone 6 here. ;-) I'm sure I'll tell you how it feels after the first few days with the "big new one". LG! Jens

  2. Horst Hader says:

    Hi Jens,
    If I didn't have the problem with my left arm, I would grab the IPhone 7 Plus 256 GB straight away. I wish you a lot of fun with your 7 Plus and it won't be long before you hold it in your hands.



    • sir appleot says:

      Thank you! I'm looking forward to it too. But it will take a while. I already received something about October 10th as the delivery time ... it was apparently way too late again. ;)

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