Buy Apple products cheaper for Black Friday 2018

This Friday is Black Friday, which is used every year by retailers and online shops to offer products at lower prices and to initiate the hot phase of the Christmas business. During Apple on Black Friday 2018 will probably not offer direct deals and discounts, however, you might be lucky at some of the vendors who sell Apple products. In the following, I'll show you a few sources of supply where you can look out for this week's Black Friday - for a Mac, MacBook, Mac Mini, iPhone, iPad or HomePod; or for an Apple Watch, an Apple Pencil, AirPods and so on.

Buying Apple products on Black Friday 2018? Where this works and where it would be possible, I'll show you here! Cyber ​​Monday iPhone, Mac, iPad

Buying Apple products on Black Friday 2018? Where this works and where it would be possible, I'll show you here!

Cheap products from Apple - Black Friday 2018

In various posts here in the blog, I have already introduced you to some dealers who offer Apple products from Mac and MacBook to iPhone and iPad to HomePod and Apple Pencil. Even the new products like iPhone Xs (Max), MacBook Air 2018 or the Apple Pencil 2 are among them. Below are the individual retailer websites on which you could be lucky on Black Friday:

Article from Apple on Black Friday 2018 at Cyberport

Cyberport is one of several official and authorized Apple dealers in Germany. Since extensive “Black Friday” campaigns have already been running at Cyberport in recent years, we can look forward to bargains again this year. In addition to Apple products, other brands, matching accessory products, household appliances and the like are also given discounts. Cyberport is also offering Apple products on Black Friday 2018 as well as on the corresponding weekend. With the so-called "Black Weekend" (from November 24.11th to November 27.11th) you can take advantage of promotions, discounts and deals at this retailer this coming weekend and up to and including Tuesday.

Mac, iPhone and iPad on Black Friday at Gravis and MacTrade

So far, I have not seen any advertisements on the websites of these two retailers promoting Black Friday 2018 and related discount offers. Nevertheless, you should click on the two pages on Friday as well as on so-called "Cyber ​​Monday", November 26.11.2018th, 2018. I can imagine that Apple products for Black Friday 2018 and Cyber ​​Monday XNUMX will also be made cheaper there. Here are the links again so that you can note them:

Black Friday 2018 on Amazon

The "Cyber ​​Monday Week" is currently running, which works towards the coming Monday and includes Black Friday 2018. Like you in the latest Sir Apfelot newsreel was able to read, Amazon is now selling apple products itself with Apple's blessing (or by contract with the technology giant). It seems only logical that deals and discounts for Mac, iPhone and Co. are also included on the individual shopping days. A separate "Black Friday" page is not offered, only the campaign page for the "Amazon Cyber ​​Monday Week": View offers here.

Update: Apple Shopping Event announced

In the meantime, an email from Apple has landed in the customer inbox announcing the Apple Shopping Event from November 23 to 26, 2018. Here is the brief and concise announcement as a screenshot excerpt:

Apple announces its "Shopping Event" for Black Friday 2018 and the following days.

Apple announces its "Shopping Event" for Black Friday 2018 and the following days.

(End of update)

Where do you buy on Black Friday 2018?

Apple products, Black Friday 2018, matching accessories and the best bargains - do these terms go together for you? If so, where do you see / use bargains and discounts this year? Feel free to leave a comment to share your tips. Even if you don't think much of the shopping days, I'm looking forward to your opinion;)

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