Apple highlights iPhone 13 battery life and Ceramic Shield in new videos

With the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro In 2021 not only processor and camera improvements as well as a new operating system came to the users of the Apple smartphone. Compared to the previous models, there was also an increase in the battery capacity and thus in the runtime of the built-in battery. You can read exactly how the increase in nominal capacity in mAh looks here: Apple iPhone battery capacity (mAh) of all models. Below I'll go over the new videos Apple released a few hours ago to reiterate the longer battery life and overall durability of the new iPhones.

Endurance and durability are to be highlighted in the new iPhone 13 battery life and Ceramic Shield videos. What do you think of the new Apple commercials?

Endurance and durability are to be highlighted in the new iPhone 13 battery life and Ceramic Shield videos. What do you think of the new Apple commercials?

Apple videos are said to indicate iPhone 13 battery life and stability

In the first video, Doin' Laps, a kid rides his BMX bike through a suburb of California. As the video progresses, you notice that it always moves in circles, since the same houses and people can always be seen. In addition, the course of the day is illustrated by the different positions of the sun and finally by darkness and the activation of the street lamps. In the whole video, an iPhone 13 is attached to the handlebars of the bike, which is filming the child riding the bike. The aim is to show that the smartphone can last the whole day, even in action.

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The second video "Run Baby Run" also goes into the fact that when the camera is activated and used for a longer period of time, there is no need to hang the iPhone directly on the charger. After all, at the end of the video, it is simply put in the trouser pocket. The primary concern is the durability of the hardware itself. Because in the video, a toddler plays with the iPhone 13, throws it around, lets it hit the struts of the banister and the like. The whole thing happens without a cover for protection. As in the first video, the lettering "Relax, it's iPhone." appears, which is intended to emphasize the durability of the Ceramic Shield.

What do you think of the videos? Do they show a realistic picture of the iPhone's durability and its battery's endurance? Or are we already getting into the area of ​​misleading advertising? Please leave a comment!

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  1. Fake alien says:

    What I think about that? Well, I've been using smartphones since 2011 and have never had a scratch on the display. Until now. Because the iPhone 13 is the first Smartie, like all its predecessors, treated with kid gloves, which has a clearly visible and tangible scratch.
    Ceramic Shield back and forth, I'm disappointed.

  2. Klaus Will says:

    For Apple ('s advertising) the following applies once again: "Si tacuisses, philosophus mansisses" ("if you had kept silent, you would have been considered a philosopher"):

    1. In terms of battery capacity and runtime, the iPhone (even as far as the 13 series is concerned) is beaten by e.g. B. the company Samsung soaked: 4.352 mAh/16,75 Wh iPhone 13 Pro max against 5.000 mAh/18,5 Wh Samsung (Samsung galaxy a32 5G);

    2. I bet my entire electronics (including an iPad Pro 2018) against the fact that an iPhone hitting the banister struts should leave the device without a trace - with statements like this, everyone should, especially with regard to unfair competition & Co., very, handle very carefully. In this regard, I remind B. only once to the so-called "Bendgate" of iPhone and iPad in the past.

    3. And, yes, Google & Co. (Android) are data octopuses. In the meantime, however, Apple has done the same to a certain extent (see, for example, the Siri scandal - which is still current!) - and Android can be "defuse" like a data octopus if you have sufficient knowledge and software.

    And in terms of software stability and price (worthiness), the competition is vastly superior to Apple.

    Si tacuisses, philosophus mansisses … … …

  3. Horst Hader says:

    Is it still worth buying the IPhone 13 Pro or is it better to wait for the IPhone 14(?)?

    Kind regards Horst

    • Johannes Domke says:

      Hello Horst,

      It all depends on the requirements you have of the smartphone and what you want to do with it. If the current iPhone 14 (Pro) design, camera, and other rumors appeal to you more than the iPhone 13 Pro specs, then you should wait. If you already like the current model, then go for it. I personally use an iPhone 12 Pro and am super satisfied. I don't feel the need to upgrade in the years to come.

      Best regards

    • Jen Kleinholz says:

      Sorry if I chime in too. From November 2021 it will actually no longer be worth buying the iPhone 13. 😂 Now you have to wait until September 2022 to get the iPhone 14 Pro right away. But without joking: Johannes is right of course... it depends on personal requirements.

      • Horst Hader says:

        Hi Jens,
        I read all the rumours, etc. I'm now considering maybe waiting for the IPhone 14 Pro. Since my iPhone XS still works perfectly, I don't have to buy a new one yet.

        Best regards

        • Jen Kleinholz says:

          If you like taking photos, you will be happy to wait for the iPhone 14 Pro. There are always big leaps. And compared to the iPhone XS, it should be a new dimension for you. 😊

  4. Horst Hader says:

    Hi John,
    First of all thanks for the prompt reply.
    I currently have an IPhone XS and will probably buy the IPhone 13 Pro. I flirted with the Samsung S22 Ultra for a moment, but I've been using Apple since my first smartphone (IPhone 4), which I bought in Switzerland because the IPhone 4 wasn't available from us or was only available at a horrendous price. Until now I only have (had) IPhones (always the latest model) and iOS is awesome for me. Android is nothing for me, but it shouldn't be a review. I left out the iPhone 11 and 12. Now it should be a new one.
    Best regards

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