The iPhone 7 wish list: If Apple asked you about the features, what would you answer?

Apple iPhone 7

Whether Apple "iPhone 7 ″ will say about its new smartphone flagship, this has not yet been confirmed 100 percent. Until the release it wasn't really clear how it would be iPhone SE should be called. Just as in the dark as with the name, you are currently fishing if you think about the technical equipment and similar specs of the iPhone 7 do that along with other products in the Apple Keynote in September 2016 should be presented.

What would your iPhone 7 look like?

Opinions are always divided on the size, the equipment, the security against water, dust and hackers and many other points. That is why there are more and more different models of a smartphone or in a series - at Apple the range is still kept clear and understandable thanks to the almost constant numbering. It's easy to get confused with other manufacturers.

Apple iPhone 7
The Apple iPhone 7: What will the data sheet look like and what new features will the new smartphone from Apple offer?

Yet; Which of the points listed below - which one reads here and there as a requirement for the iPhone 7 - would you agree?

  • A model with a 4 inch screen diagonal
  • A two-camera system for wide-angle shots and low light
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range) display with a large color bandwidth - better than the current HDR
  • Dynamic color adjustment for always realistic images
  • A greater pixel density in the display
  • Water resistance according to IP8
  • The ability to charge the battery wirelessly
  • A larger or more powerful battery
  • Maintaining the audio output via the jack connection
  • No antenna lines that are visible in the housing
  • More colorful design of the housing (blue, red, purple, etc.)

The iPhone 7 wish list as an illusion?

Of course, it now seems almost too late to make any wishes. If the new Apple iPhone to be presented in September then it has to be designed by now at the latest. But you can still dream - and you can hope that the iPhone 7 might bring a 4K display that is comprehensive VR or AR projects are possible and that you may be able to leave your heavy SLR at home when you are out and about with the Apple camera system ...

Leave a comment: What would you wish for?

If you guys like Apple new technical features of the iPhone 7 would ask what priorities would you set? In your opinion, what should definitely be done better? Write a comment; maybe the corresponding wish will come true! ;-)



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