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With the Apple iPhone 8 and the Apple iPhone 8 Plus the technology giant from Cupertino launched new smartphones on the market in September 2017. The modern technology, the iOS 11 operating system and, above all, the comparative one high price make sure that you want to protect your devices well. With iPhone 8 sleeves or a case or a pouch for the iPhone 8 Plus, bumps, scratches and falling should not be a problem. In addition to a case or bag, a good screen protector is also recommended.

An Apple iPhone 8 sleeve, bag or case is ideal to protect the new smartphone. Nice products - also suitable for the iPhone 7 - can be found here.

An Apple iPhone 8 sleeve, bag or case is ideal to protect the new smartphone. Nice products - also suitable for the iPhone 7 - can be found here.

Apple iPhone 8 cases

In addition to many other accessories such as AirPods, Qi charging stations or Bluetooth speakers, smartphone cases are almost essential in modern, expensive technology. Especially those who are on the go a lot and use the smartphone sometimes in their pocket, sometimes in their backpack, sometimes in the office or on vacation, can protect it against most influences and damage with the right covers. Here is a selection of iPhone 8 cases:

Flexible silicone TPU cover in different colors / patterns
Flexible silicone TPU cover for the Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 from SPIGEN. Transparent, with chic patterns, black or with glitter - different iPhone cases for your smartphone.
Matt bumper cover in your favorite color
Matt bumper cover by Humixx in black, silver, red, blue, sky blue or rose. Selection of iPhone 8 cases on the Amazon product page. Can also be used for the iPhone 7 thanks to its similar dimensions.
3D prism case for 4,7 inch iPhones
The 3D Prisma cases for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 are available in different colors - black, silver, rose, transparent, glitter and rainbow effect. Cases from Ringke.

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Cases for the iPhone 8 (Plus)

As for the Apple iPad / iPad Pro and MacBook / MacBook Pro, there are also a number of beautiful pockets for the iPhone that provide protection, but also ensure optimal transportability. So if you don't want to use a permanent cover, but are looking for a bag for on the go, then these are perhaps the best products for you:

Felted bag from Bavaria
Felted iPhone 8 case from ALMWILD®, products from Bavaria. Selectable colors: black, slate gray, red. In addition to the iPhone 8, also suitable for iPhone 7, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S. Protection against bumps, scratches and cold.
Textile bag for different models
This iPhone case is made of textured textile. Various colors and patterns can be selected. In addition to the Apple iPhone 8, Apple iPhone 8 Plus and Apple iPhone X cases, there are also models for the Apple iPhone 4S to 7 Plus. Manufacturer: fitBAG.
Cross pocket for 7 / Plus and 8 / Plus models
Felted ALMWILD® pocket for inserting and removing the iPhone from the side. Products for Apple iPhone 7, Apple iPhone 8, Apple iPhone 7 Plus and Apple iPhone 8 Plus are available on the Amazon site.

Case, flip case and more

An iPhone 8 case protects the smartphone or its case very well - but not really the display. A pocket fully protects the smartphone, but it is unprotected when you take it out of the casing. An iPhone 8 flip case is, so to speak, a symbiosis of these iPhone 8 cases: it protects the front and back, and the protection is not removed during use:

Case with credit card slots and magnetic closure
2 Reviews
Case with credit card slots and magnetic closure
Very nicely designed iPhone cases. With unicorns, space design, the color pink, a white cat design and more, particularly suitable for children and young people. Cute mobile phone cases for girls from Mavis's Diary.
Handy case with windows for time and call acceptance
Mobile phone case with windows for time and call acceptance from FYY for Apple iPhone 7 and Apple iPhone 8. Available colors of the artificial leather bags: black, gold, rose, magenta, mint green, blue, purple / violet, red, light brown. Animal-friendly artificial leather instead of leather.
Artificial leather flip case with card slots
iPhone 7/8 flip case made of synthetic leather with card slots in black, brown, white and pink. Case with lid and closure including folding option to set up the smartphone sideways. Liamoo products.

Avoid leather cell phone cases

There are various accessories for the new iPhones and the iPad models from 2016, 2017 and so on, including a lot of sleeves, cases and bags. However, one should not necessarily use animal skin for this. TPU, synthetic leather, felt and other fabrics are also ideal for protecting the devices. Leather is therefore completely obsolete and superfluous as a material for something like a cell phone case / iPhone case. So for environmental and animal welfare it is better to avoid bags made of leather.


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