Apple iPhone 8/8 Plus with Telekom contract from 1 € additional payment

Apple smartphone with MagentaMobil tariff and HotSpot Flat

Last week Apple did in its annual September keynote the two smartphones iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are presented. The prices given by Apple for the two iPhones are between € 799 and € 1.079 without a mobile phone contract. If you are now looking for a way to buy the iPhone 8 or the iPhone 8 Plus cheaper, with a mobile phone contract, then the Telekom offers might be something for you. Certainly not the cheapest contracts for the iPhone, but very extensive;)

At Telekom you can get the Apple iPhone 8 with a contract from 1 €. You can read here what the iPhone 8 Plus with tariff (Allnet-Flat, SMS-Flat, data, etc.) costs and which costs have to be considered.

Apple iPhone 8 with contract from 1 €

At Deutsche Telekom you can order the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus including a contract with cellular services such as flat-rate telephony, flat-rate SMS, LTE Max, EU roaming, flat-rate hotspots and lots of high-speed data volumes. The device price itself is low, but the monthly costs are comparatively high compared to cheap providers. Here are the prices for that iPhone 8 with 64GB and the telecom contract MagentaMobile in four graduations:

  • MagentaMobil S (2GB volume): € 449,95 one-time fee; € 48,11 per month
  • MagentaMobil M (4GB volume): € 299,95 one-time fee; € 57,11 per month
  • MagentaMobil L (6GB volume): € 199,95 one-time; € 60,10 per month
  • MagentaMobil L + (10GB volume): € 1 once; € 88,61 per month

All details, for example about the additional volume when booking by November 6, 2017, and the various iPhone models with a Telekom contract can be found on the Telekom site.

Reading tip: All Apple prices for iPhone 8 and 8 Plus you can find here

iPhone 8 Plus with Telekom cell phone tariff

The prices and additional payments shown above are of course different if you choose the model with 256GB of internal storage. To give you a comparison, I have included the one-time prices and monthly costs (in the minimum contract period of 24 months) for the iPhone 8 Plus with 256GB Storage listed:

  • MagentaMobil S (2GB volume): € 699,95 one-time fee; € 48,11 per month
  • MagentaMobil M (4GB volume): € 549,95 one-time fee; € 57,11 per month
  • MagentaMobil L (6GB volume): € 449,95 one-time; € 60,10 per month
  • MagentaMobil L + (10GB volume): € 299,95 once; € 88,61 per month

Price for provision at € 39,95

Booking the iPhone with a Telekom cell phone contract is certainly not cheap. But you get the network directly from the operator as well as many special services such as the HotSpot Flat and a lot more. The provision price, which is a one-off € 39,95 for smartphones with a tariff, is quite negative for the otherwise high prices. Also in addition and at all other costs and prices for Apple smartphones with tariff including flat rate for voice, flat rate SMS and flat rate for data is available directly from

One more thing: cell phone tariffs in comparison

In this post I wanted to briefly show you the offers from one of the three mobile network operators in Germany. Of course, I cannot offer all possible cell phone tariffs for the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in one blog post. However, there is for sir appleot There are already plans in the background so that tariff calculators and comparison sites can be made accessible in a user-friendly manner. When the pages with the mobile phone tariff calculators will come is not yet in sight. But that they will come is almost certain. So look forward to a more extensive range of information and services in the future;)

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