[Update] Date of Apple September and October Keynote

The Apple September 2022 event, which is set to unveil the new iPhone 14 and new Apple Watch Series 8, could be complemented by another keynote in October 2022. New Mac and iPad models will then probably be shown. The Apple AirPods Pro 2 are also scheduled to be launched this year, but whether they will be presented in September or October is still pending. Apple's Mixed Reality Headset for VR and AR applications could also be shown for the first time. However, it may not be presented until the beginning of 2023 – the rumor mill is at odds here. More details, rumors and in-depth posts on the subject can be found below.

Note: This post has been around for several years and will be updated from time to time before Apple's fall keynotes.

When will the Apple September Keynote 2022 take place? When will the iPhone 14 be presented and what else will be presented? And come new Mac models, new iPads as well

macOS is coming and iPadOS 16 only in October? Here you will find the latest information." width="1024″ height="484″ /> When will the Apple September Keynote 2022 take place? When will the iPhone 14 be presented and what else will be presented? And are there new Mac models, new iPads and macOS Ventura and iPadOS 16 only in October? Find the latest information here.

Apple keynotes in September and October 2022: iPhone, iPad, Watch, Mac, and more

Apple has a lot planned for autumn 2022, at least if you believe all the rumors about the upcoming events. Because next to the traditional iPhone event in September - probably on 13.09.2022 on 07.09.2022/XNUMX/XNUMX, as stated in a Entry at MacRumors means – there should also be an October event again. Similar to last year, the iPhone and the Apple Watch as well as iPads and Macs are to be presented separately. 

Also, new AirPods Pro are rumored to be launched. Furthermore, Apple will certainly comment on its services (Apple tv+, Fitness+, Music, iCloud, etc.). In my post Apple September keynote: What can we expect next month? you will find details on these points:

  • iPhone 14 with A15 and iPhone 14 Pro with A16
  • Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch SE 2 and Apple Watch Pro
  • Apple AirPods Pro 2 with new chip and Bluetooth 5.2
  • Apple Mixed Reality Headset with AR and VR capabilities
  • MacBook Pro with M2 Pro / M2 Max, Mac Studio with M2 Ultra, Mac Pro with M2 Extreme
  • iPad 2022 and iPad Pro 2022 as new tablet models
  • Is everything presented in one day?
  • Live or pre-recorded: what kind of event will the September 2022 keynote be?
  • When is the date for the Apple September Keynote 2022?

Apple September Keynote 2021: Apple iPhone 13, Apple Watch Series 7 and iPads

As part of the Apple September Keynote 2021, four models of the iPhone 13, the Apple Watch Series 7 and the 9th generation iPad, the 6th generation iPad mini and information on Apple services were presented. All details about the event, which was again pre-recorded for pandemic reasons, can be found here: Apple September Keynote 2021 - iPhone 13, Apple Watch Series 7 & new iPad models. 

Incidentally, the Apple iPhone event 2021 was supplemented by an October event to present the AirPods 3, the HomePop mini in new colors, the M1 Pro and Max M1, as well as the MacBook Pro models equipped with it. It was also about the new Apple Music subscription, which can only be used by voice input, but is very cheap. All information is available here: Apple October Event 2021 - AirPods 3, MacBook Pro and somehow HomePod mini.

Apple iPhone 12 Keynote in October / November 2020

Update: Apple's fall events are now behind us. Due to the global Covid-19 pandemic, the product presentations did not take place live, but as streams of pre-produced recordings. In addition, there was not just one event, but two. Here are the summaries:

Update end

The date for this Apple Special Event and the exact content have not yet been set. However, there are already some rumors surrounding the iPhone 12. Here are the most important leaks and speculations that I have given you before here (display rumors) and here (technical data and prices) summarized:

  • There should be four models: iPhone 12 (5,4 inches) / iPhone 12 Max (6,1 inches) / iPhone 12 Pro (6,1 inches) / iPhone 12 Pro (6,7 inches)
  • The color depth of the display, which offers up to 2.778 x 1.284 pixels, should be up to 10 bits
  • The main camera should consist of three lenses (like the iPhone 11) and a LiDAR scanner (like the iPad Pro)
  • The CPU or SoC is very likely to be an "A14 Bionic Chip"
  • The main memory should be between 4 and 6 GB and the memory between 128 GB and 512 GB
  • The current price speculation is that the iPhone 12 will cost between $ 649 and $ 1.399

Apple September Keynote 2019

Update: The summary of the iPhone 11 event can be found with this link.

Update end

It now seems almost clear on what date the Apple September Keynote 2019 will take place. The iPhone Keynote 2019 should take place on September 09th or rather on September 10.09.2019th, 11. This is indicated by a suspected leak at the start of sales of the Apple iPhone 20 on September 2019, 13.09.2019. This is a Friday. The pre-sale will start on the previous Friday - if you stick to the reinforced samples at Apple. And since it is September 9th, 11 and the pre-order for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Co. usually starts in the same week in which the keynote takes place, Monday or Tuesday are accepted for the same. Wednesday can be excluded because of the anniversary of XNUMX/XNUMX. This results in the following data:

  • Apple September Keynote: September 09th or 10.09.2019th, XNUMX
  • Pre-order Apple iPhone 11 / XI / Max: from 13.09.2019
  • Buy Apple iPhone XI / 11 / Max: from 20.09.2019/XNUMX/XNUMX

In addition to the Apple iPhone 11 with iOS 13to which it here gives an overview of the rumors, the Apple Watch 5 will also be available Watch 6 as well as new iPad (Pro) models with iPadOS expected. There could also be new MacBook Pro and MacBook Air laptops macOS 10.15 Catalina.

Apple September Event 2018: September 12th at 19:00 p.m. (CEST)

Update 23.02.2019: Of course, this keynote is long gone and you will find a number of messages about the presented products here in the blog (see below). Why is the update coming so late? Well there is so much to do ...: D

Here are the contributions to the event around iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and Apple Watch 4:

(End of update)

The next Apple event will be the September 2018 keynote, again taking place at the Steve Jobs Theater. Even 20 years after the presentation of the iMac, we can certainly look forward to new iPhone models on September 12, 2018, but rumor has it that there will also be an anniversary model of the desktop computer. Also maybe about a new 13-inch MacBook, a new version of the Mac mini and the iPhone SE2 or iPhone XS and / or iPhone 9. Here are the hottest rumors about the products of the Apple September Keynote 2018:

  • A new 13-inch MacBook or a new MacBook Air
  • After 5 years another update for the Mac mini
  • A new iMac 2018 as the anniversary model of the series launched in 1998
  • A second version of the popular 2016 iPhone: the iPhone SE2
  • An "S" version of the iPhone X - the iPhone XS (Plus), rumored to have the support of the Apple Pencil
  • Possible specs: iPhone XS (Plus) with 6,5 inch OLED display, Apple Pencil compatibility, up to 512 GB memory, 3 to 4 GB RAM, glass housing without fingerprint sensor, etc.
  • An iPhone 9 as an intermediate step after the 8 and before the changeover of all future models to the X technology - or an iPhone 11 (if the 9 is left out completely)
  • Again colored iPhone models in red, blue, yellow, etc.
  • Extensive rumor article with pictures: here at ComputerBILD
  • Also extensive iPhone 2018 rumor ticker: at Handy.de

Apple Keynote in September 2017: iPhone X, 8 / Plus and Apple Watch Series 3

The Apple September Keynote 2017 was obviously about the legacy of Steve Jobs, which the technology giant from Cupertino is held up. At the beginning there was also a small image film in which Steve Jobs Theater im Apple Park was presented - with the voice of the Apple founder in the background. Even after the official opening by Tim Cook, there were still a few words about the great visionary, whose phone has now been developed further for 10 years. A complete recap of the Apple September 2017 event you can find here.

Steve Jobs: Which film portrays the Apple founder best?

Contents and products in a nutshell

Here is a small list of the individual points of the Apple September Event 2017. You can find detailed explanations in the article linked above with the summary. In addition to naming the individual points, I have also linked the relevant posts here in the blog:

  • Beginning with the presentation of the new event hall of Apple Park including quotes from Steve Jobs
  • Opening by Tim Cook with a speech about Steve Jobs, words about cyclone Irma and an image film about Apple Park
  • "Update on Retail" was the first point with new visions and concepts for Apple stores that are now Town squares to be named
  • “Apple Watch” was the next point where the Apple Watch Series 3 with cellular (LTE and UMTS) - everything about the Apple Watch Series 3 in this post
  • "Apple TV" has also been updated and can be downloaded as a Apple TV 4K now reproduce high-resolution content - films, series, games, etc.; there is also new news and sports content
  • "IPhone" was the main point again - that iPhone 8 and I baked the 8 iPhone Plus were presented - here something about the battery capacity, here the prices and, of course, all other data in the large summary
  • “One More Thing” - these words were chosen wisely for the occasion and were considered the last point iPhone X; the iPhone X is the new premium smartphone from Apple and no longer has a home button - here something about the battery, here something for the price, and here what about the OLED display

Worth reading: Information on Apple WWDC

Overview of the iPhone event 2016

Apple's September 2016 event was not only about devices, but also about updates for Apple systems and apps. The big eye-catcher was of course Super Mario Run as iOS App. There was also iWork an Apple innovation for online co-working. After that it was Watch 3 for the Apple Watch - of course with the extension of Pokémon Go. Then came the fitting Apple Watch Series 2. The segment then closes towards the iPhone 7 iOS 10 guided. And after the iPhone 7 and the 7 iPhone Plus came the Apple AirPods. If you want more information and data on everything, then either have a look this summary or watch the following video:

Keynote from September 2015

The Apple September 2015 event gave us the following, among other things iPhone 6s and I baked the 6s iPhone Plus brought. But not only that. The other products and systems included the Apple Watch, which was introduced earlier this year and for which there were already some innovations in September. The first generation of the iPad Pro with a 12,9 inch screen diagonal. The latest version has been available since June 2017 with 10,5 inches. Another very important novelty was that Apple Pencil. On top of that came that iPad mini 4, Innovations in the Touch ID of mobile devices and of course finally the new iPhones.

Here are a few articles about the novelties at the time:

Here is the Apple September Keynote 2015 as a video:

About Apple Events: apple.com/de/apple-events/

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