Apple iPhone X: 30 minutes for 50% battery - that will be expensive!

On the Apple website, where you can see the technical data of the iPhone X, it is stated that the battery of the device can be charged by 30% in just 50 minutes with the right technology. Fast charging or Quick Charge the whole thing is called. In footnotes, Apple safeguards itself and says that the results with this and that technology can vary depending on the starting and environmental conditions. Important: the technology required to quickly charge the iPhone X battery is not included with the smartphone. You can read here how much it costs.

Fast charging of the iPhone X battery should be super fast: up to 50% battery charge in just 30 minutes. The necessary technology already exists, but it is expensive. Apple smartphone
Fast charging of the iPhone X battery should be super fast: up to 50% battery charge in just 30 minutes. The technology required already exists, but it is expensive.

Apple iPhone X: power supply and battery life

On Specs page With regard to the Apple iPhone X, the manufacturer from Cupertino states that the new premium smartphone without a home button runs up to 2 hours longer than the iPhone 7. The speech duration is specified as 21 hours, and for Internet use from 100% battery it is 12 hours. If you listen to music, audio books, podcasts or the like, you can do it for 60 hours at a time on one battery charge. This bullet point is new and interesting for the individual information: "Charge up to 30% in 50 minutes". According to the footnote, this should work with the USB-C power adapters A1540 (29W), A1718 (61W) and A1719 (87W).

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USB-C accessory for quick battery charging

If you look at the iPhone X scope of delivery (iPhone with iOS 11, EarPods with Lightning Connector, Lightning to 3,5‑Mm headhorerConnection adapter, Lightning to USB cable, USB power adapter (power supply unit), documentation), then it is noticeable that there is neither a LightningUSB-C cable there is also a USB-C power adapter. That said, for iPhone X fast charging / quick charge, you have to buy accessories; preferably the original Apple accessories:

  • Apple A1540 or MJ262Z / A charger with 2m USB-C cable: for 69,80 €
  • Apple A1718 or MNF72Z / A power supply unit with 2m USB-C cable: for 79,90 €
  • Apple A1719 charger / power supply unit with EU plug, without cable: for 118,75 €
  • Original adapter cable MK0X2ZM / A, 1 meter: for 21,99 €
  • Original adapter cable MKQ42ZM / A, 2 meters: for 41,50 €

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Your opinion on it

What do you think, should Apple add the high-quality accessories for fast charging of iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus to the already expensive devices as standard, or is the included 5W power supply sufficient for the average consumer? Is it better to charge the Apple smartphone for a long time - for example overnight - or to be able to use it again and again quickly at full capacity? Feel free to leave your opinion on the topic!

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2 comments on “Apple iPhone X: 30 minutes for 50% battery – that will be expensive!”

  1. With the iPad Pro 12.9 2017 I also had to buy the 29W power supply with USB-C output plus adapter cable all together for 109 € so that I could even charge it while it was running.

  2. Yes, I think Apple sometimes goes a little too far with cross-selling their accessories. If I buy an iPhone X for over 1300 EUR (with Apple Care already over 1500 EUR), then I would also like to use the Quick Charge feature without putting more than 100 EUR on the table.

    I think this is a step in the wrong direction. With the Premium iPhone X in particular, you should attach great importance to a very good user experience and invest the few euros that Apple costs to manufacture the devices.

    I would have done it differently. But I will certainly not buy the original accessories, but rather something cheap, like these Anker PowerPort +, which costs only a fraction of the Apple charger and also supports Quick-Charge 3.

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