Apple iPhone XS battery capacity (V, Wh, mAh)

Apple will soon be introducing new iPhone models which, in addition to new features, a new iOS and maybe even USB-C, will have their own battery. In order to be able to compare the battery of the iPhone from 2019 with the current models, you of course need the corresponding values. So what is the Apple iPhone XS battery capacity in mAh, V and Wh? You will find the answer to this question, along with some other information, in this short informational message.

The Apple iPhone XS battery capacity in mAh (nominal capacity) as well as in V and Wh can be found here. There is also some additional information.

The Apple iPhone XS battery capacity in mAh (nominal capacity) as well as in V and Wh can be found here. There is also some additional information.

The Apple iPhone XS battery capacity in mAh

Experts in the electronic field will once again look angrily at this blog and complain that the milliamp hour in particular is mentioned as "capacity". But this is the most common unit for average Otto consumers, thanks to which comparisons are possible. If you prefer the information on volts and watt-hours and would like some more information about the Apple iPhone XS battery in addition to the mAh number, you're in luck. Here I have summarized everything important about the battery installed in the iPhone XS:

  • Accumulator: Li-Ion battery
  • Voltage: V 3,81
  • Watt-hours: 10,13 Wh
  • Apple Part Number (APN): 616-00512
  • MAh: 2.658 mAh
  • Source: iFixit

I also have one on the blog on the topic of mAh and Wh older post, which explains the difference between the two units and explains why a specification in watt hours is actually the better unit for comparing battery capacities.

All iPhone batteries and their nominal capacity

The milliamp hour (mAh) as well as the ampere hour (Ah) are actually referred to as "nominal capacity". If you want to make a bigger comparison and want to see the values ​​of all previous Apple smartphones, you can do so in this blog. In this blog entry you will find the respective information from the first iPhone to models such as iPhone 5 and iPhone SE to iPhone X and the current models: Apple iPhone battery capacity (mAh) of all models. I always expand the table when new Apple smartphones and the data on their batteries come out. Mostly in relation to sources like iFixit or Wikipedia.

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  1. Not an expert says:

    I'm not an expert and I don't look angry either. I tend to shake my head.

    That would have been a great opportunity to explain to the average consumer why the specification in mAh is NOT comparable (or in this case, as an exception, even if the same voltage should be applied).

    Instead, this article does not explain this or refer to further material should the author not feel able to do so himself (which is a bit sad with a tech blog).

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello not an expert! : D Thanks for your suggestion. I will include a link to an older post in the post that explains why Wh is actually the more accurate unit for comparing batteries. The contribution is here to find. Perhaps this will help alleviate your head shaking. ;-)

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