See you on the 7th: Apple Keynote 2016 with the new iPhone takes place on September 7th

apple keynote 2016 iphone 7 september stream

In Apple Keynote 2016where the new iPhone 7 (or that iPhone 6SE?) should be presented, will now officially take place on September 7, 2016. Here I have summarized all the information about it. Which devices and which systems can you expect at the event? How can you the Apple Keynote Follow 2016 live and at what time do you have to clamp yourself in front of the screen? You can find out all of this here!

Apple Keynote 2016 with iPhone 7?

There are many Rumors, alleged Render images, leaked product images or Photos from the production as well as dozens of other reports on the net. On we prefer to offer you facts and therefore prefer to hold back with wild guesses. Although something is suspected here and there, but not as badly as on some other sites.

apple keynote 2016 iphone 7 september stream
The Apple Keynote 2016 will take place on September 7th. Will the new iPhone 7 or an iPhone 6SE be introduced?

And so will be until 7 September waited what the Apple Keynote 2016 brings. If there is a new one iPhone 7 then we can look forward to new features and possibly different versions. Perhaps Apple will even come around the corner with a cheaper SE version that you won't have to wait another year for ... We'll see!

Apple Watch 2, iOS 10, macOS Sierra and what else?

The new iPhone (7) however, is not the only object of desire on the Apple Keynote 2016 be. It is also possible to present other Apple devices such as the Watch Apple 2, as well as the operating systems iOS 10 and MacOS Sierra. The latter is supposed to the Replace OS X. How to get a bootable version of it on a USB stick, You can find out about that here, by the way.

How can I watch the Apple Keynote 2016 live?

Around Watch the Apple Keynote 2016 live stream there are several options. Apple is broadcasting the September event again via its in-house HTTP Live Streaming Technology (Hls). The following devices are suitable for this:

  • iPhone with Safari 7.0 or higher (on iOS)
  • iPad with Safari 7.0 or higher (on iOS)
  • iPod Touch with Safari 7.0 or higher (on iOS)
  • Mac or MacBook with Safari 6.0.5 or higher on OS X v10.8.5 or higher
  • PC with Microsoft Edge Browser under Windows 10
  • Apple TV with Apple TV generation 2 or 3 with software version 6.2 or higher
  • 4th generation Apple TV

More information and streaming page

If you have more Information about Apple Keynote 2016 want to have or want to stream the event on your device, then I recommend a visit to Here you can September keynote from Apple also add directly to your calendar. So you miss that Live stream of the iPhone 7 presentation (or the presentation of the iPhone 6SE) definitely not!

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