Apple Mac: Find Option, Command, Shift, and more keys

In individual guides I have already shown you where the option key, command key and shift key are on the Mac keyboard. In this post I will summarize other interesting keys in addition to these keys that are helpful in the Apple macOS operating system. You can also use the following table as a shortcut cheat sheet if you often learn a new key combination or if you are new to the Apple Mac, iMac or MacBook system.

  • Where's the Mac Option key? - Here!
  • Where's the Mac Command Key? - There!
  • Where's the Mac Shift key? - Yes!


What are the names of the individual keys on the Apple Mac keyboard? Where can I find the key from the shortcut instructions? Here are the answers!
What are the names of the individual keys on the Apple Mac keyboard? Where can I find the key from the shortcut instructions? Here are the answers!

Apple Mac keys: names and symbols

Here I have put together the individual keys, their names and symbols on the keyboard as well as the alternative names. Depending on the age of the Mac keyboard or the Apple MacBook, the key labels may vary.

Name of the button Mac keyboard icon Alternative symbol (Win)
Option key old, ⌥ option
Command key (apple) cmd, ⌘ commands, 
Shift key shift
Caps Lock ⇓ CapsLock
Control button ctrl control. ^
Function key fn
Line break / Enter return, enter
Num Lock (digit activation) clear
Eject button (for CD drive) (I.e. ejector
Escape e Esc, ⎋
Backspace / delete
Enter (numeric keypad)
Left arrow
Right arrow
Up arrow
Down arrow
Diamond / double cross # #

Keyboard key names in English

If you need shortcuts for the Apple Mac keyboard for functions in macOS or equivalent App in English, then of course you will encounter other names for the individual keys. Here you can find the key names of the keyboard in English, so that you can also use them in English-language instructions and tutorials:

Name of the button - German Button name - English
Option key Option key
Command key (apple) Command Key
Shift key Shift key
Caps Lock Caps Lock
Control button Key Control
Function key Function Key
Line break / Enter Return/Enter
Num Lock (digit activation) Num Lock
Eject button (for CD drive) Media Eject
tab Tab
Escape escape key
Backspace / delete Backspace
Enter (numeric keypad) Enter
Left arrow Left Arrow
Right arrow Right Arrow
Up arrow Up Arrow
Down arrow down arrow
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7 Responses to “Apple Mac: Find Option, Command, Shift, and More Keys”

  1. Thank you for this page, Sir Apfelot! Even if my problem has not yet been solved - I like the style, the friendly, approachable way with which knowledge is passed on here.
    I ended up asking how I can set up a numeric keypad on my keyboard with my MacbookPro under Catalina without buying an additional part. I need this for a music notation program.
    So far I haven't found a solution - not even here. Thanks anyway :-)

    1. Hello Anne! Thanks for the nice praise. : D How do you mean your question? How should you make a keypad on a MacBook Pro if you don't want to plug one in externally? Do you mean you'll remap the keys so you have a block that represents the numbers from 0 to 9? I think it would be a lot easier to plug a USB keypad into the Mac. At Amazon there are quite a few many options.

    1. Hello Oriole,

      the tab key is represented in the post.

      But maybe I misunderstood your comment. What do you mean by the abbreviation?

      Best regards

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