Apple March Event 2022 - iPhone SE, iPad Air, Mac Studio & Studio Display

Today, Tuesday, March 8, 2022, Apple held its first special event of the year streamed over the internet. The name "Peek Performance" didn't promise too much. Because in addition to a new iPhone SE and an iPad Air with M1 chip, the new Mac Studio was presented, which Max M1 can also be configured with the new M1 Ultra. There is also a new offer, the Studio Display, a monitor with 5K resolution designed for the new computer and all other models (including MacBook Pro / Air). Below you will find everything you need to know about the new offers.

About Apple tv+ with new baseball offering

Like the last keynotes, the Apple March 2022 event was opened by Tim Cook, Apple's CEO. Without much preamble, we then went straight to the individual topics that were checked off in the one-hour, pre-recorded transmission. It started with Apple tv+, the streaming service for films and series. It has been pointed out that some films and actors are nominated for awards. New content has also been announced. A completely new offering was introduced, Friday Baseball Night, a Friday selection of two baseball games exclusive to Apple tv+.

New colors for the iPhone 13 (Pro)

The iPhone topic was introduced by emphasizing the advantages of the current model. That was no coincidence, because a new color was introduced for the iPhone 13 (mini) and the iPhone 13 Pro (Max). The iPhone 13 is now available in a shade of green that was introduced with jungle allusions. The iPhone 13 Pro is now also available in an “alpine” green. Well, at least from March 18, 2022. Pre-orders will be accepted from next Friday, March 11, 2022. 

The new iPhone SE (3rd Gen, 2022)

Apple has been offering the iPhone SE since 2016. It is the budget model in the range of smartphones Cupertino. In 2020 there was the second generation and now the third. This contains the A15 Bionic chip with 6 cores, which was introduced in autumn CPU, 4 core GPU and 16 core neural engine. The display has a diagonal of 4,7 inches. The housing made of aluminum and glass has an IP67 protection rating and has a home button including Touch ID. 5G is now also integrated for faster mobile communications. The 12 megapixel camera uses the A15 Bionic chip for computational photography and Smart HDR 4.

The new iPhone SE can be pre-ordered from Friday and purchased from March 18th. In addition to the three colors midnight (black), polar star (white) and (PRODUCT)RED (red), there is also a choice of three memory sizes. The internal memory can be selected with 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB. In the smallest configuration, the third-generation iPhone SE costs 519 euros. You will get more data and all prices tomorrow in a separate article about the device. Tomorrow there will also be posts on the products briefly described below. If you are already curious, you can get the individual information z. B. in Apple Newsroom pick up.

The new iPad Air (5th Gen, 2022)

As with the iPhone SE, there was the last update for the iPad Air in 2020. At that time there was already a USB-C connection, but this time it was made twice as fast, so that data exchange with external hard drives, cameras and other peripherals works even better. In addition, the new iPad Air now also benefits from an M1 chip with an 8-core CPU, 8-core GPU and 16-core neural engine. As with all other Apple tablets, the 12 MP front camera now offers the "Center Stage" function; 5G is also used in the mobile phone variants. The tablet is still compatible with the Apple Pencil 2.

The tablet was announced in five colors and can be ordered from Friday at a price starting at 679 euros. The market launch here is also March 18, 2022. In addition to a version with 64 GB of memory, you can also choose a version with 256 GB. There is also a choice between the Wi-Fi model (WLAN only) and the Wi-Fi + Cellular model (WLAN and cellular). You will get more information, technical data, all prices and the like in a separate article tomorrow. Here, too, I can recommend the above link to the Apple Newsroom if you want to know everything right now. 

The new "M1 Ultra" - combination of two "M1 Max" chips

Some rumors about today's event revolved around an M2 chip and a new entry-level MacBook Pro with just that. But Apple introduced the latest version of the M1 chip instead, the M1 Ultra chip. This SoC uses the previously kept secret interface of the Max M1, with which this can be connected to a second model. 

This results in a new chip that is twice as powerful, which works quickly and efficiently with a 2,5 TB/s connection, produces up to 20 cores in the CPU, up to 128 GB of RAM and other extreme specs. It acts as a single chip, so developers don't have to adapt their software to a two-SoC system.

Mac Studio - Like a Mac Pro in mini form

The new Mac Pro is set to be unveiled on another day, Apple said at its Peek Performance event. Instead, a completely new line of products was launched in the Mac range, namely "Mac Studio". Aimed at professionals in music, 3D, programming, film production and similar intensive areas, this computer looks like a Mac mini with a second Mac mini on top. He can with the previously known Max M1 or purchased and used with the M1 Ultra. Up to 8 TB of internal storage is possible. Up to 18 streams of 8K ProRes video material can be used simultaneously for video editing.

This new computer for professionals can be ordered now and will be delivered / sold from March 18th. The M1 Max version with 32GB of shared RAM starts at €2.299. The M1 Ultra version with 64 GB of shared RAM can be purchased from 4.599 euros. You will receive all details on configurations and prices in a separate post tomorrow. For all possible applications, the Apple Mac Studio offers these specs (excerpt) in addition to fans, which should not make any loud noises in most workloads:

  • 4x Thunderbolt 4 on the back
  • 1 x Gigabit Ethernet port on the back
  • 2 x USB-A on the back
  • 1 x HDMI and 1 x audio port (jack) on the back
  • 2 x USB-C (at Max M1) or 2 x Thunderbolt (with M1 Ultra) on the front
  • 1 x SDCX card reader on the front
  • Up to five displays can be connected at the same time

Studio Display - The budget version of the Apple display

The Pro Display XDR has at its Presentation in 2019 caused a stir not only because of its technical data for professional users from the photo, video and film sectors. The prices of 5.499 euros or 6.499 euros (without bracket!) also made headlines. Anyone who understandably doesn't want to spend that much on a good monitor can buy the Apple Studio Display starting today. With standard glass, the 27-inch monitor costs 1.749 euros. If you opt for a less reflective nano-texture glass, then you pay 1.999 euros. A 12 MP ultra wide-angle camera with center stage and a sound system (all powered by an A13 Bionic chip) are also included.

In contrast to the Apple Pro Display XDR, where the stand for use on the desk is an additional expense, the Studio Display (in the standard version) can be set up at no extra charge. The tilt-adjustable stand for angling by up to 30° is included in the price. A VESA mount adapter can also be ordered instead at no extra charge. Only if you opt for the tilt and height-adjustable stand is there an additional charge of 460 euros. This results in a price of 2.209 euros or 2.459 euros. Here, too, you can pre-order from today or buy the whole thing from March 18th. More data and information tomorrow. Good night!

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6 Responses to “Apple March Event 2022 – iPhone SE, iPad Air, Mac Studio & Studio Display”

  1. Another lost hour for me. Everything better, faster better. But again not a new, big iMac. As with the last event, unfortunately not again. Since then I've been tormenting myself with the 24er (fully expanded) through Photoshop, in which it constantly throws up due to memory usage. Now comes this studio, which would cost me almost 10.000 euros with display, keyboard and mouse, because that is what the user wants????
    My last iMac 27 also cost almost 5.000, also fully equipped. I had to wait 5 months to get it delivered. But he was using keyboard and mouse. And at that time the top device for the user. With the exception of the Pro, of course. Well, once again I'm disappointed in Apple. This although equipped with MacBook Pro, MacbookAir, various iPads, also Pro and iPhones like Apple Watschen.

    1. Hello Harold! Yes, I can understand the disappointment, but at least there is now an Apple monitor that does not cost 6500 EUR. But unfortunately it's just too small for me at 27 inches. But at least you can still have hope, because the big iMac will surely come later this year. My 34 inch Apple monitor probably not. 😂

      1. Hello Jens, you say what I mean. The prices are just too high. I've always gotten along well with the 27 for photo editing. I don't know what you do with it, but I know it from my ex-brother-in-law, who also has two large displays on the Pro. But he needs something like that and earns money with it. I also had hopes that the future, large iMac would boom a little more than 27 inches. However, I no longer see it that way with the studio thing. But I would be happy if I could work properly with Photoshop again. Unfortunately, my new, more expensive iMac 24 cannot do this. Hourly updates don't help either, neither from Apple nor from Adobe, although I'm firmly convinced that the problem lies with the M1. Because I don't have the problems with Photoshop on a MacbookAir with Intel and less memory capacity. However, the display is too small for me. Ml see what I'll do if that doesn't work with the Mac. But 7 to 8 mille is too much for a pensioner.

        1. Hello Harold! What problem do you have with the M1 and Photoshop? My Faru has a MacBook Pro M1 Max with 32 GB RAM and sits on Photoshop all day. She is totally enthusiastic about the computer.

  2. Hello Jens, I have the iMac 24 with M1 and 16 GB, more is not possible - I work with Photoshop and RAW from Canon. In order to simplify certain workflows in series, I always open several recordings at the same time. With the old iMac, which only had 32 GB, this was possible with more than 10 recordings at the same time. Well, the M1 shaft doesn't do that, because whenever I have several, that's no longer 10, the memory suddenly runs out, that's sometimes up to 10 GB, which are suddenly gone. Photoshop often freezes as well. The settings in Photoshop are OK and I don't really use the computer to the full. I work on an external SSD with USB C because I don't really want to fill up the internal SSD.OS and Adobe are always up to date.

    1. I'm sure it's due to the lack of RAM. Before the M1 Max, I also had an M1 with 16 GB of RAM and I always have a lot of programs open at the same time. Also Photoshop and the like. There was also often the message that the memory is low. Ever since the 32GB M1 Max, everything has been running like clockwork. I think the unified memory is a factor here because suddenly you have GPU RAM and regular RAM together. And then 16 GB is no longer enough. Even if it was always sufficient on my Intel MBP with 16 GB.

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