Apple One Individual, Family, Premium - what are the differences?

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Apple One is a subscription bundle service from Apple that allows users to use multiple Apple services at a reduced price. The bundle contains a combination of Apple services such as Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, iCloud storage, Apple News+ (not in Germany) and Apple Fitness +.

However, if you look at the Apple One subscription in your account in the App Store, you can see that you can choose from different price and service levels, depending on which services you want to use.

There are both the “Apple One Individual” tariff, as well as “Family” and “Premium”. I'll explain briefly where the differences lie.

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Apple One is a collection of subscription services grouped under this name into a meta-subscription.

similarities and differences

All three subscription levels include the following services in Germany:

  • Apple Music
  • Apple TV +
  • Apple Arcade

Now the differences begin.

iCloud storage

  • Individual and Family plans only have 200 GB of iCloud storage
  • Premium plan has 2TB of iCloud storage shared between all users.

Apple Fitness +

  • Apple Fitness+ is only included with the Apple One Premium plan.

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  • Only the "Family" and "Premium" tariffs can be used by up to 5 users in a family. The Individual plan is limited to one Apple account.

It might be a bit clearer with this table:

Apple Music
Apple TV +
Apple Arcade
iCloud storage50 GB200 GB2 TB
Apple Fitness +
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And for those who are more comfortable with images, here's another screenshot I took in my account. You can also see which services are included in which tariff.

Here you can see the three subscription levels that you can choose from with Apple One.
Here you can see the three subscription levels that you can choose from with Apple One.
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7 Responses to “Apple One Individual, Family, Premium – what are the differences?”

  1. Is too expensive for me: 200GB, sports, TV would be good.
    But then I will book TV as needed. Sport then probably permanently.

  2. Hi! I'm currently looking into a new subscription for our family. We've been on Amazon for music so far, but it's a very confusing app. The Apple Music app is significantly better. An annual subscription is usually cheaper. This option is usually well hidden, as streaming services like to sell monthly subscriptions.
    Are there Apple accounts for the family (e.g. Apple One or just Apple Music) with an annual payment? If so, how do you get to the conclusion?

    1. Hello Frank! I would also like to have the option, but so far Apple does not offer an annual payment for the family subscription. Unfortunately.

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