Apple Pay launched in Germany - Sparkasse not included ...

Certainly not BFF (best friends forever), but I hope the customers can manage it (Photo: Sir Apfelot).

I went to my iPhone this morning with joy and grabbed the credit card to finally be able to try Apple Pay (here are instructions on how to set it up). Unfortunately, the iPhone scanned my Sparkassen MasterCard and also accepted the CVC / CVV code, but then - after checking the data with the bank - I was informed that this credit institution or credit card unfortunately does not support Apple Pay. Disappointment spread ...

Unfortunately, the Sparkasse does not offer any support for Apple Pay - a shame ...

Unfortunately, the Sparkasse does not offer any support for Apple Pay - a shame ...

Sparkasse wants to enforce girocard

According to Sparkasse, the reason why the Sparkasse cannot or does not want to participate in Apple Pay is the fact that Apple does not want to open its NFC solution to other providers. They have a corresponding press release published here. The Sparkasse virtually envisions that they can use the technical side of Apple Watch and iPhone to process their own payments without Apple having a hand in the payments. Quasi girocard-Sparkasse-Pay via iPhone and Apple Watch.

Why Apple is not making its NFC fully available

Apple refuses, however, because they have of course put a lot of brains and money into the development of Apple Pay and "circumnavigating" Apple Pay would mean that Apple would not get any of the pie. Apple currently earns a small percentage of every payment made through Apple Pay.

A second reason why Apple does not want to open the NFC interface or to rely on existing standards is the fact that they simply wanted to "reinvent" things with Apple Pay. When Apple tackles something, the user friendliness and the security of the previous solutions are usually questioned and optimized.

Good features and higher security with Apple's NFC payment option

With Apple Pay with NFC, for example, there are things that are so practical that paying even works when the iPhone or Apple Watch runs out of power. In order to make this payment option secure even without an activated smartphone, a new NFC chip had to be developed, which is of course not an open standard, but an Apple solution.

Certainly not BFF (best friends forever), but I hope the customers can manage it (Photo: Sir Apfelot).

Certainly not BFF (best friends forever), but I hope the customers can manage it (Photo: Sir Apfelot).

My opinion on the Sparkasse reaction

I can understand that the Sparkasse is trying desperately to push its "girocard" and sees Apple Pay as serious competition for this service. But sometimes you should maybe listen to the customers. And they were no longer in a good mood when Google Pay was launched, because the Sparkasse also stood up against it here. Now that they also want to sit out Apple Pay, one really has to doubt the entrepreneurial ability of the upper floor.

How can you as a credit institute overlook the strong acceptance that mobile payment has among customers? Paying with cards was a step in the right direction, but in the end we all have smartphones and smartwatches with us - of course, we want to pay with it too, if it is technically possible.

Dear Sparkasse ... I've been your customer for decades. The account management fees didn't move me to change my bank, but if you can't get it done with Apple Pay, I can't guarantee anything!



  1. Black Forest Moose says:

    Nice article whose comment there is not much to add

    I think the savings banks should continue on their way. Nokia and Blackberry were also very successful with their straightforwardness towards Apple. (or have I mixed up something here)? The fees at the Sparkasse keep rising, and the service is getting less and less. That can't go well for much longer. My willingness to switch is also increasing.

  2. Harald says:

    Another reason why I am no longer a customer of the Sparkasse. And the theater with the Girocard is also a no go if, as happened with my daughter, Microsoft smartphones are no longer supported.

    Sure, not all banks are there yet. But my most important card was accepted immediately and I only had to enter the security code, the rest was already on file with Apple. It was a bit confusing that I had to do this again on the watch. But, it has been working since yesterday. At least with Aldi and Lidl.

    Without the Sparkasse ????

  3. Horst Hader says:

    Hi Jens,
    In response to your article, I thought I would authorize my credit card for Applepay right away. I also get the error message like you. For me it's Commerzbank. A query there showed that this is currently not possible, more details are not known. I've been with Commerzbank for over 40 years and don't want to change either. Hope it still works. By the way, Google Pay works, but I want Apple Pay.
    Greetings from snowy Munich
    PS The Xs inspires me more and more. By the way, I have a nice one on Amazon Transparent cover from Humix found and ordered for 10,99 euros and got it in the meantime. This really fits the Xs exactly with no ifs or buts. I also have one at the front Armored glass film (9H) from Arctic upset. I have already had very good experiences with the bulletproof glass film with my SE.

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Horst! Thank you for your feedback and the recommendations for sleeves and armored glass! Because of the Apple Pay thing - well, we'll have to wait or maybe get a credit card that isn't necessarily linked to an account at another bank.

      • Harald says:

        Alos Jens, for me there is a very clear decision. If you have Payback, you should simply get the Amex card. I'm happy to advertise everyone here ????, then gives extra points for everyone.

        The Amex is not taken everywhere, but thanks to Apple Pay it is because the direct route does not go through Amex. It's bullshit, but who cares. Yesterday I couldn't use my Amex at Lidl. Today I take Apple Pay and pay with the Amex. The Amex is then withdrawn once a month from my Bostbank, which is not participating in Appl Pay either. It's so easy.

  4. Thomas D says:

    Same crap with my Mastercard from Volksbank. Also here the message after data comparison, Volksbank does not support ApplePay :-(

  5. Peter says:

    Doesn't quite fit the topic now!
    I don't have a credit card or an iPhone that supports cashless payments. My iPhone SE cannot do this.
    But Apple should lower itself and support the EC or GiroCard. Even if you want to buy in the App Store, it only works with a credit card or, as with me, with the Congstar mobile phone contract. Payments due will be debited with the phone bill.

    You can even pay with direct debit at Amazon. Is that so difficult to implement?

  6. Reinhard says:

    Yes, yes ... Germany is the Mecca for cash payers. My observation: the longer the queue at the cash register, the slower it is to find the change "Frollein, I've got it right" ...
    I live up north and I always go to the supermarket checkout where I suspect most Danes are. How can I tell? The alcohol on the cash register. :) Since paying goes in no time at all. They pull out their card and you're done.
    Why is that? Because every community savings bank in Hintertupfingen wants to delight its customers with its own payment card, preferably with its own system. If the industry had done the same with the cars, everything would be full of horses here.

    • sir appleot says:

      I can only agree ... Germany slows itself down when it comes to new technologies. See also electric cars ... how long it took until the first e-Golf was there ... you can only shake your head.

  7. Will says:

    Was at a credit union. ApplePay was not offered. Zack to Comdirect. Old account with the comrades terminated. They are too inflexible.

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