Apple Pencil Stand: Holder for the Apple Pencil with and without charging function

Apple Pencil stand from SAMDI

Who with a iPad Pro or the iPad Pro mini 9.7 is equipped, he may also use the Apple Pencil for its operation, for notes and / or drawings. If you are one of these users or perhaps use a graphics tablet, then you know the problem: the pen can be misplaced or rolled away quickly. To prevent this from happening, there are different holders and one or the other Apple Pencil stand. Instead of putting down the pen, it is put down in it; Depending on the version, it can also be loaded directly into the holder.

Functional workspace with an Apple Pencil holder

There are different holders and feet for the Apple pencil. Depending on how the workplace is to be designed, different models can be provided. In addition, some Apple Pencil holders can be used as a charging station at the same time. As part of my research for this article, I took a close look at some products and of course I don't want to withhold my findings from you.

Belkin Apple Pencil stand without charging function

The Belkin it is a very classy looking holder for the Apple Pencil. It is made of anodized aluminum that has been given a chrome finish. The heavy quality and the rubber base ensure that the holder and pen neither fall over nor slip.

Belkin Apple Pencil stand

Apple Pencil stand from Belkin - elegant and elegant; Image source: Amazon

So you can always find the pen for the iPad where you left it. The good thing about this product: The lead of the Apple Pencil is cushioned and therefore not damaged when it is put down. The somewhat price-intensive Apple Pencil stand is Shipped free of charge via Amazon.

Fintie Apple Pencil case for the iPad case

The is a little cheaper and is intended for mobile use of iPad Pro and Apple Pencil Fintie Premium synthetic leather case, which brings a holder for the USB adapter of the charging cable. In the slim pocket, which can be strapped around the case of the iPad Pro, there is space for the Apple Pencil and the necessary accessories.

Fintie Apple Pencil case

The Fintie Apple Pencil case fits the iPad Pro case and the iPad Pro mini case; Image source: Amazon

You can use the Apple Pencil case at Amazon order in different colors and patterns. In addition to set colors, there are also more conspicuous tones and patterns - so you won't forget or misplace the pen. In terms of content, all 4-star reviews read like those with 5 stars;)

KeyEntre Apple Pencil stand with charging function

For the product of KeyEntre I would like to ask you right away: Have any of you experiences with this Apple Pencil holder? On Amazon Although the product ranks among the medium-priced, there is only one customer rating. This has only one star and a text that only shows that the user's MacBook has given up the ghost. It is not clear whether this is directly related to the connection of this charger ...

Inexpensive and classy: SAMDI Apple Pencil stand in wood look with charging function

This stand for the Apple Pencil from SAMDI out. In the wooden style, this product comes with a holder for the cover of the pen's Lightning connector - as well as an interface for Lightning itself. There the pen is plugged in for charging.

Apple Pencil stand from SAMDI

Apple Pencil stand from SAMDI that can be used as a charging station; Image source: Amazon

Not only is delivery free when you get this one Apple Pencil holder with charging function ordered from Amazon, but also the product price itself is impressive. For less than 15 euros (as of September 2016), the noble accessory for the desk is definitely recommended.

Other useful accessories for the Apple Pencil

A slim design and lightweight components have their charm, but also the disadvantage that they are easy to lose - even if only in the laptop bag. If you are always looking for the caps that cover the Lightning connector of the Apple Pencil, then you should go take a look at the Jisoncase mounts. Both the pen cap and the cover of the charging cable are ideally fixed and are no longer lost.

iPad Pro and iPad Pro mini are already a year old

Today takes place Apple Keynote 2016 instead of. I already have what to expect in this article summarized. Of course I will follow the event tonight and then bring you closer to the latest innovations from Apple. In addition, more detailed articles on the individual innovations will follow in the coming days. The Apple Keynote 2016 also reminds of a fact: the iPad Pro is now back to the scrap heap ...;)






  1. Sandro Angelo says:

    The Apple Pencil stand from SAMDI is just a piece of wood, a metal plate and two screws. And for that the boys want 12 euros - oh no!
    So I have to lay my own Lightning cable in it, plug in the Lightning adapter (female-female) - and then buy a power adapter with which I can charge the Apple Pencil.
    Everything not explained and deliberately not gone into the details. This is not good.

    • sir appleot says:

      Hi Sandro! Thanks for your comment. With most docks (including the iPhone docks) you have to buy the cable separately. They assume that you are using the accessories supplied. So the switch that comes with the Pencil is usually lying around in the corner anyway. You can build them into the dock. And a Lightning cable doesn't come with the Apple Pencil, but I think the costs are manageable. But maybe we will note it in the future so that it is clear to the reader what else is needed. Best wishes! Jens

    • Johannes Domke says:

      Hello Sandro,
      on the Amazon product page it says (in not entirely perfect German, admittedly): "Charging cable is not included in the price and you have to set it up yourself." - so the details were dealt with.
      That this was not stated in the article itself, okay, that can be criticized. However, viewing the final product page before buying is actually the norm, isn't it? Therefore, not all details have to be given here, down to the smallest detail. In addition, the "Amazon Box", which incorporates the product descriptions from Amazon into the article, is increasingly being used in the newer articles. I haven't used it on this one yet. The lack of one or the other information can happen;)
      Best regards

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