[Update] Access transcripts of shows in the Podcasts app: Here's how!

With the Update to iOS 17.4 on the iPhone and iPadOS 17.4 on the iPad, Apple has made it possible to view what has been said in text form for broadcasts in the Podcasts app. If you want to use transcripts of shows in the Apple Podcasts app to look up content, you can find the instructions here. I took a look at the new feature and, in addition to the step-by-step instructions, I also brought you screenshots for a better understanding.

Update March 11.03.2024, XNUMX: I have added another way to access podcast transcripts on iPhone and iPad. Update end

Starting with the iOS 17.4 and iPadOS 17.4 operating systems, you can read, select, copy, translate, and more the transcripts of podcast episodes in the Apple Podcasts app. You can find all the information about it here.
Starting with the iOS 17.4 and iPadOS 17.4 operating systems, you can read, select, copy, translate, and more the transcripts of podcast episodes in the Apple Podcasts app. You can find all the information about it here.

Access transcripts in the Apple Podcasts app: Here's how!

If you know how to access song lyrics in Apple Music, then you're well prepared for the transcripts in Apple Podcasts. Because the same symbol (speech bubble with quotation marks in it) is used here. To call up the text of a podcast episode, you first have to play it, then bring the current playback into full screen (swipe the playback thumbnail up) and then tap on the speech bubble symbol at the bottom left.

Like song lyrics in the Music app, transcripts in the Podcasts app can also be accessed using the speech bubble icon in the bottom left.
Like song lyrics in the Music app, transcripts in the Podcasts app can also be accessed using the speech bubble icon in the bottom left.

Apple Podcasts Transcripts: Step-by-step instructions

Here's the whole thing again as step-by-step instructions:

  1. Open the Apple Podcasts app on your iPhone
  2. Play the desired episode of a show
  3. Plays them as a full-screen view
  4. Tap the speech bubble with quotation marks at the bottom left
  5. Now you can read along (text is highlighted like in karaoke), scroll, select paragraphs (hold your finger on them) and so on

Searching in a transcript: Help, I can't find the search function!

Searching for text in podcast transcripts is not entirely intuitive. This is how you find them:

  1. Calls up the text of the podcast episode as described above
  2. Scroll the text up a bit so that the controls (play/pause, skip, etc.) disappear or let the podcast run for a while so that they disappear automatically
  3. Now use the “Search” button in the middle below

Copy podcast text, translate and more: Here's how!

To continue using individual parts of the podcast transcript, proceed as follows:

  1. Hold your finger on the desired (or any) text on the display
  2. Tap “Select text” in the context menu that appears
  3. In the full text called up in this way, you can now mark text, copy it, translate it, have the marked passage reproduced, etc.

Update: View podcast text of an unplayed episode

In addition to the option to view the transcript of the currently playing episode, there is also the option to view the texts of all other podcast episodes. Regardless of whether they are currently playing or not. This starts either from an episode overview or the individual episode subpage. Here are the two options:

View the podcast transcript via episode list

  1. Displays a podcast's episode list
  2. Tap the three dots to the right of a sequence
  3. Select “View Transcript” from this menu

View the podcast transcript via the episode page

  1. Goes to the page of an individual podcast episode from the episode list or otherwise
  2. Tap on the three dots for the episode menu in the top right
  3. From there, select “Show transcript”.

Update end

Several benefits of text versions of podcast content

The ability to read the spoken words from individual podcast episodes in text form on the iPhone or iPad offers several advantages. If you research e.g. For example, if you are on a certain topic and are looking for the necessary information in a podcast, you no longer have to listen to it several times in order to get everything right. Especially if you didn't write anything down when you first listened to it and only realized afterwards that the content was usable.

It is also helpful to read along to what is being said if you are listening to podcasts in a language that you do not (yet) understand very well. Reading may make it easier to understand the content, and unknown words can be looked up and learned straight away. Thanks to the text output, podcasts are now also accessible to all those who have hearing problems or are deaf. The many information programs, interviews, comedy podcasts, crime reports, quizzes, news and the like are now also available to you.

"The introduction of transcripts to Apple Podcasts underscores Apple's commitment to making products and services for everyonesays Sarah Herrlinger, Senior Director, Global Accessibility Policy & Initiatives at Apple. “We're excited to make transcripts widely available, adding an additional layer of accessibility to the podcast experience." - Source: press release on the subject.

Transcripts do not provide translation and are created over time

As of iOS 17.4 and iPadOS 17.4, transcripts are available in the Apple Podcasts app in English, French, German and Spanish - but only for the corresponding source languages. There are no automatic translations of podcast content. To do this, you have to copy the text and then transfer it into another language using the appropriate iOS or iPadOS option or a translation app.

Transcripts will automatically be available for newly uploaded podcast episodes shortly after they are published. Episodes published before the current update will be transcribed over time. So it may take a while until your favorite podcast can be viewed completely in text form. If you have your own podcast and don't want to rely on automatic transcription but want to upload your own texts, you can do this. Details can be found here: https://podcasters.apple.com/de-de/support/5316-transcripts-on-apple-podcasts.

FAQ about transcripts in the Apple Podcasts app

Here you will find a few questions and answers on the topic in brief.

How do I access a podcast transcript?

Open the Podcasts app, call up the current playback, tap the speech bubble symbol at the bottom left and the text will be displayed.

How can I copy podcast text?

To copy a portion of the podcast transcript, simply hold your finger on the passage, then tap “Select Text” and then interact with the passage in the full text view.

How can I translate podcast text?

To translate a podcast text passage, hold it with your finger in the transcript, then tap “Select text” and select “Translate” in the context menu of the highlighted text passage. Alternatively, copy the text and paste it into a translator app.

How can I use podcast transcripts on Mac?

From macOS 14.4: Here are the instructions for podcast transcripts on the Apple Mac.

Up to macOS 14.3: If the “General Clipboard” is activated for the use of iPhone or iPad and the Mac, then text copied on the mobile device can easily be pasted on the Mac using the Paste option (or the command+V key combination). More about it here: Copy on iPhone, paste on Mac.

Can I upload my own transcript for my podcast?

Yes that works. In the “Apple Podcasts Connect” area, Apple now offers producers of shows the opportunity to enter their own texts in their settings. More on this here.

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