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Apple Watch charging station: If you are looking for a charging station for your Apple Watch and are at the same time a fan of the old-school design à la Macintosh 128k, you should get the W3 vintage stand view (and possibly buy) from ELAGO. Here I would like to describe the retro charging station for the Apple Watch in more detail, show the product page and offer alternatives from Amazon, which in addition to the Apple Watch also serve the iPhone and iPad.

Apple Watch Charging Station W3 Stand from ELAGO. This article gives details on the Apple Watch stand and alternatives, also for other Apple gadgets.

Apple Watch Charging Station W3 Stand from ELAGO. This article gives details on the Apple Watch stand and alternatives, also for other Apple gadgets.

1984 Implement the design with the 2017 Apple Watch charging station

Der "highly sophisticated“Macintosh 128k from 1984 has a simple and therefore convincing design, which the manufacturer ELAGO has adopted for a nice Apple Watch charging station. The W3 charging station for the Apple Watch has a front that comes close to the Macintosh and behind which the Apple Watch is inserted. The Apple Watch display then represents the monitor of the 1984 Mac. On the bedside table, the desk and even in the caravan, this accessory is sure to make a big difference;)

Buy ELAGO W3 Vintage Stand online from the manufacturer

The Apple Watch charging station, which is offered for 24,95 euros, is not (yet) available on Amazon. So if you want to buy them, you have to go to the manufacturer's website: just click here.

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There are more details about the charging station for the Apple Watch on the product pages. Among other things, the silicone material used is discussed, which protects the watch and - contrary to the plastic stations - does not leave any scratches. It also shows how well the USB charging cable can be stretched and how it is used in the small Macintosh.

Accessories and charging stations for Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad and Co

In addition to the Apple Watch, there are other products from Apple such as the iPhone and the iPad. There is also a charging station or combined charging stations for each of these two items. I picked out a few alternatives to the product described above for you. You can also order these charging stations for Apple Watch, Apple iPhone and Apple iPad on Amazon.

Alternative to Spigen's W3 stand

From manufacturer spigen there is a charging or docking station for the Apple Watch, which can be described as minimalist in terms of design. This is not only a simple (yet handsome) accessory for the Apple Watch, but also a product with a fairly low price.

Spigen S350 Designed for Apple Watch Charging Stand for Apple Watch 7 45mm / 41mm Series ...
18.689 Reviews
Spigen S350 Designed for Apple Watch Charging Stand for Apple Watch 7 45mm / 41mm Series ...
  • Compatible with Apple Watch Nightstand Mode [watchOS 2]
  • [NOTE] Compatible with the official Apple Watch charger ONLY.
  • Place and charge your watch with the bracelet open or closed

Holder and charging station for Apple Watch and iPhone from Elekin

If you want to store and charge not only the Apple Watch, but also the Apple iPhone in a stylish holder, Elekin will come for about 13 euros. I think the price is very well chosen for this charging station, which has space for the Apple Watch and iPhone. The cables for the power supply can be brought in very nicely and everything seems to be from one piece.

Stand and charging station made of bamboo wood for 38 mm and 42 mm wide Apple watches and iPhone ...
  • Compatible with all sizes and models of Apple Watch and iPhone (38 and 42 mm / basic, sports and ...
  • Non-slip silicone pads on the underside make the Apple Watch stand made of bamboo more stable on the desk.
  • Precise cutouts for the charging cable of the Apple Watch, this makes it easy to work with the stand and ...

Holder for Apple Watch, iPhone and iPad (charging station after handicraft lesson)

Okay, with this elegant wooden product you can charge the Apple Watch, but you can only set up the iPhone and iPad so that everything is tidy. If you also want to charge your iPhone, iPad or Apple iPod, you have to drill a few more holes for better or worse or place the devices sideways to connect the charging cable. A handicraft lesson could be worthwhile, however, because there is enough space on the board to place more than just an iPhone or iPad. With a bit of drilling and milling, you can create an elegant charging station for the office, in which other smartphones and tablets can be accommodated in addition to the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch ...

Win an iPhone docking station, power bank and tempered glass film

If you already have an Apple Watch Station and now need or want a docking station for the Apple iPhone or Apple-compatible protective films for your smartphone, then take a look at ours StilGut competition past. That runs until February 15, 2017. All three prizes are ideal for the Apple iPhone (iPhone 5 to iPhone 7 Plus); and participation is free!

Apple Watch charging station, iPhone holder and more

Which station for the Apple Watch and the other Apple devices do you like best? Do you have any other suggestions on how to store and charge the Apple Watch, iPhone, iPhone and similar gadgets in an elegant way? Feel free to leave a comment :)



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