The Apple Watch: will it be a must-have or a flop - my assessment

On March 9, 2015, Apple will be in Yerba Buena Center For The Arts introduce the Apple Watch - if you like, you can be there via livestream: As part of the keynote, one or the other long-awaited product will probably also be presented, such as the MacBook Air with 12 inch Retina display. But let's turn our gaze to the watch, the first product entirely designed by Tim Cook and not a Steve Jobs product successor.

Apple Watch with a green and silver bracelet

The bracelets offer many options for customizing your Apple Smartwatch (Photos: Apple).

Before we get to the inner values ​​of the smart watch and the question: "Must-have or flop?" First, let's take a look at the designs that await us. After all, these were already used by the iF Design Awards chosen.

The designs of the smart Apple watch

The Apple Watch will appear in three editions: Watch, Watch Sports and Watch Edition.

The design of the edition "Watch" scores with cold forged stainless steel housings in high gloss or space black. It looks like a classic watch and offers bracelets made of leather, a link bracelet, a Milanese bracelet and one made of high-performance fluoroelastomer. The exclusivity of the collection is emphasized with different clasps and hand-tanned leather. Female fans can look forward to a version in soft pink leather - and an overall smaller version of the various models.

Apple Watch Sport

The "Sport" model is available, among other things, with an anodized housing and trendy colors for the bracelet.

The Apple Watch "Sports" comes up with light, anodized aluminum cases and bracelets made of peppy fluoroelastomer. To make the watch light and stable, Apple has developed a new alloy for the case: Apple 7000 aluminum. The impact-resistant glass made of aluminum silicate is made particularly robust thanks to an ion exchange process. The focus here is on the sporty design and the low load caused by the watch.

However, if you prefer to clump instead of spill, you can choose one of the six versions of the Apple Watch "Edition" and counts on gold. The 18-carat gold case and polished sapphire crystal compete for attention with the "exquisitely crafted" bracelets. This is less about the smartness of the watch than about the status it symbolizes. Who needs a Rolex when they have one Apple Watch Edition may have?

The technical details of the Apple Smartwatch

512 megabytes of RAM are hidden in the luxurious cases of the watches. There are two memory sizes to choose from: 4 or 8 gigabytes of RAM are available for this. The WLAN chip corresponds to that of the iPhone 5s, but probably in a slimmed-down version. So far there is no information about the processor. The operating concept is based on the digital crown, which can be used to navigate through all applications. The button under the crown opens a quick selection, here the user can quickly connect with his contacts. Another dimension results from the intelligent touch display, which differentiates between touch and pressure. Of course, Siri is always there and reminds you of appointments, for example, in his usual sonorous voice. Most of the watch's settings are made via the iPhone, more on this here at 9to5mac.

What can Apple's smartwatch do?

Heartbeat on the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch can also record the heartbeat of the wearer and send it to a partner who also has an Apple Watch - something for those newly in love!

Of course, it can measure the time with a maximum deviation of 50 milliseconds. Anyone who still does not come on time can definitely not blame it on the Apple watch. A large number of available number sheets allow deep customization. The "WatchKit" software brings push notifications directly to the wrist. SPG Hotels allow that Unlocking doors with the watch, and it should also be usable as a car key.

In addition to social networking via various apps that allow access to all important networks, the focus of the functions is of course on the topic of fitness. Apple promises optimal handling for ordinary people, who are reminded to get up regularly from their seated work, as well as high functionality for a professional workout. Realistic goals for your own fitness should also motivate you to exercise more like a calorie counter and individual statistics.

Of course, you can also surf the net and enlarge the naturally miniature display of the clock by simply zooming in with a pinch gesture. Oh yes - you can of course also pay, listen to music and send personal messages drawn on the display. Or your own heartbeat on your newly in love partner's Apple Watch display.

Conclusion: must-have? Do you need the new Apple gadget?

Well, this is where opinions differ. Actually, the watch has nothing that the iPhone does not offer - apart from the pulse measurement. If you need the current time, you would definitely be better off with a classic wristwatch whose battery does not fail after a day (or after 2-3 hours with GPS). I haven't worn a watch myself since I was young and I won't start because of the Apple watch. The fitness tracker would be a good thing if Apple did a thorough overhaul of the Health Kit software - currently the version is worse than what you would call "beta" and that makes it unnecessarily difficult for the user to read the data. And on the subject of waterproof: Unfortunately no ... the Apple Watch will not be for swimmers. Accordingly, it should definitely not touch the market for waterproof fitness trackers, let alone "roll up" it.

Apple Watch side shot

The shot from the side shows how thick the Apple smartwatch is.

But well, the watch should encourage movement. It is somewhat reminiscent of remote control and has something incapacitating about it. I imagine being reminded to get up every hour while reading a thick book is pretty annoying. And the social factor? Maybe we'll meet our friends again in the old school live and in color, instead of just pretending to have a social life with more and more social apps. Don't get me wrong, I like my virtual contacts - but Many other things seem to be neglected a little due to the many social media apps.

The functions of the Smartwatch are currently not a purchase argument from my point of view. If the Apple Watch should "hit", then in its function as a representative of a lifestyle and as a status symbol. With it Apple could well compete with the manufacturers of high-quality jewelry and watches. You don't buy a Rolex primarily to read the time. With this in mind: let's be surprised what the keynote on 9.3. brings. Maybe there are still new functions that turn my assessment upside down!




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