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When you're on the go and your day is longer than just 18h, then an Apple Watch Powerbank can be useful for the Smartwatch from Cupertino. Small models for one-time charging of the Apple Watch on the go are inexpensive and available as key rings. If you want a power bank for the Apple Watch that allows multiple charges and to which you can also clamp the iPhone, then the corresponding external batteries are somewhat larger and also more expensive. Here I have put together a selection for you so that you can quickly and easily find the right Apple Watch Powerbank for your needs.

When looking for an Apple Watch Powerbank you will find different models. Here is a selection so that you can find the right external battery for the smartwatch.
When looking for an Apple Watch Powerbank you will find different models. Here is a selection so that you can find the right external battery for the smartwatch.

How much mAh does the Apple Watch battery have?

Before you buy any power bank for the Apple Watch, you must of course consider how often you tend to want to charge the Apple Smartwatch on the go. First of all, it is important how much mAh the Apple Watch battery actually puts on the speedometer. Here are the values ​​that you can follow:

  • Apple Watch Series 1 (38mm): 205mAh
  • Apple Watch Series 1 (42mm): 250mAh
  • Apple Watch Series 2 (38mm): 273mAh
  • Apple Watch Series 2 (42mm): 334mAh
  • Apple Watch Series 3 (38 mm): 262 to 279 mAh
  • Apple Watch Series 3 (42 mm): up to 350 mAh

Apple Watch Powerbank for Series 1, 2 & 3

For currently just under 35 euros you can buy a power bank for the Apple Watch from Amazon, which can simply be clipped onto a keychain. According to the manufacturer, the Apple Watch Series 1, Series 2 and the Nike + version can be charged with the external battery in both the 38 mm and 42 mm edition. Full charging is possible up to 1,5 times; however, a total capacity of 700 mAh is specified, which gives hope for more:

Oittm MFi Certification 700mAh Power Bank for Apple Watch Series 3 / Apple Watch Series 3 with ...
  • The power bank has a 700 mAh lithium-ion battery. You can fully charge Apple Watch 1.5 times. This product uses ...
  • Suitable for Apple Watch Series 1(38mm/42mm)/ Apple Watch Series 2(38mm/42mm)/ Apple Watch Series 3 with...
  • The battery pack is activated by holding the side button, the charge status is displayed with 4 LEDs. The status LED ...

Power bank for iPhone and Smartwatch

This external rechargeable battery is significantly cheaper, has more power and can be used not only for the Apple Watch but also for the iPhone. With 4.000 mAh you are on the road for a long time and can switch off the smartwatch Cupertino load a number of times. In between, you also hang the iPhone on the cable, which you stowed inside the external battery. A sophisticated solution for on the go in the trash can look of the Apple Mac Pro ;)

No products found.

6.700 mAh for watch and smartphone

Do you want even more capacity for even more flexibility? Then you might like the Belkin model. You are already used to high-quality products from this manufacturer - but that also has its price. The power bank for iPhone and watch with 6.700 mAh currently costs 99,99 euros on Amazon. Details on the MFi certified You can find the device on the product page:

Belkin Valet Charger 6700 mAh Powerbank + Charger (suitable for Apple Watch Series 5, 4, 3, 2, ...
  • Charge several times: After a full charge with 6700 mAh, the battery has enough capacity to keep your Apple Watch up to ...
  • Simultaneous charging: Via the USB connection (1 A), the battery can be used with a watch and an iPhone at the same time ...
  • Intelligent charging: The integrated magnetic charging module is suitable for all versions of the Apple Watch. Smart ...

If you are looking for a power bank for your iPhone and iPad that can give you up to 20.000 mAh, then you should take a look at my review of the AUKEY PB-N15. A really recommendable battery for all devices that can be charged via USB.

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