Apple Watch Series 2: THE Apple Smartwatch with watchOS 3

Ceramic Apple Watch Series 2

The Apple Watch Series 2 is currently the measure by which every other smartwatch has to measure itself. A few details about the new smart watch from Apple, which also includes the new operating system Watch 3 I already have you in the Article on Apple Keynote 2016 given. Here, however, other points of view should once again flow into the consideration.

Waterproof smartwatch with self-draining speaker

The biggest innovation in terms of construction compared to the Apple Watch Series 1 is probably the fact that the Series 2 models are waterproof. Water should not be able to harm the watch at a depth of up to 50 meters. With this novelty in the product range, a whole new target group was opened up: swimmers. So far, although the healthApps highlighted for iPhone and Apple Watch, but these were primarily aimed at land-based users; to joggers and people in everyday life.

Apple Watch Series 2 waterproof
The Apple Watch Series 2 is waterproof. The speaker drains itself.

The biggest obstacle to waterproofing the Apple Watch became on the Keynote communicated, was the speaker. With the Series 1, it is even further in the housing and can fill with water, which in the worst case can no longer get out. The Apple Watch Series 2 still lets water into the speaker, but it can drain itself through rapid vibrations of the sound membrane:

The loudspeaker of the Apple Watch Series 2 being drained - screenshot from Apple Keynote 2016
The loudspeaker of the Apple Watch Series 2 being drained - screenshot from Apple Keynote 2016

GPS and other technical data of the Apple Watch Series 2

Another novelty is the GPS chip in the new Apple Smartwatch. With this, the navigation and the tracking of jogging routes or swimming lane numbers, etc. have become much easier. In addition, there is the dual-core processor of the watch and other top features such as the heart rate monitor, the acceleration sensor, the gyro sensor and so on. You can find the entire data sheet at

apple watch series 2 nike + nike plus
Apple Watch Series 2 Nike +, the model series that was created for athletes in collaboration with Nike

All versions of the new Apple Watch with 38 mm and 42 mm sizes as well as the individual model series made of aluminum, stainless steel and ceramic plus the Sports watches of the Nike + range and the Apple Watch Series 2 with Hermès bands can be found at, including the current prices There you will also find further information on the technical equipment and a promotional video from Apple as well as several pictures of the watch.

Germany as a major sales market for smartwatches

In preparation for this article, I also found statistics from last year. This states that around 2015 people owned and used a smartwatch in 970.000. For the next two years, i.e. 2016 and 2017, 3,15 million people were planning to buy a smart watch. As an example, the Overview of the statistics also clearly called the Apple Watch as an object of desire.

I also see the trend as increasing. Because even with the Series 1 of the Apple Watch, the possible uses of smart watches were still quite limited. But more and more target groups are covered and smartwatches are becoming more and more useful in everyday life. Therefore I think that in Germany alone there are now more than 3,15 million people intending to buy in this direction.

Introducing Apple Watch Series 2, watchOS 3, and more

Here I have you once official recording of the Apple Keynote 2016 picked out. If there are any questions or if you want a specific topic from the presentation, just leave a comment:

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2 comments on “Apple Watch Series 2: THE Apple Smartwatch with watchOS 3”

  1. For me, smartwatches, no matter what brand, are out of the question. I have an aversion to these plastic watches and not just since the smartwatches. It started with the advent of Swatch and Co. I prefer mech. Watches since my confirmation. It started with a Junghans. I now have a mech. Clock (Glashütte Nomos Metro) with manual winding and an automatic (Rolex Oyster). In contrast, the Applewatch looks clumsy.

    1. Hi Horst! I agree with you ... mechanical watches are simply the method of choice when you want to know the time. :) I haven't been that convinced by Apple's smartwatch either, but it's getting interesting. Thanks to the GPS and the suitability for water, it is slowly moving into my focus. But it would also be more of a fitness gadget for me and it is quite expensive for that. But let's see ... as Sir Apfelot, I owe my readers a well-founded opinion about the Apple Watch and I will probably have to get it at some point for this reason alone. ;-)

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