Apple Watch Ultra in everyday life: advantages and disadvantages

The Apple Watch Ultra is primarily made for those who hike away from civilisation, dive in the seas and are otherwise more adventurous. But that doesn't stop us normal people from taking a curious look at Apple's largest and most expensive smartwatch. Because it also attracts with properties that can be advantageous in everyday life: long battery life, high durability of the housing and glass, larger display, and so on. Dan Barbera has summarized in a video how the Apple Watch Ultra has proven itself in the everyday life of a non-athlete.

Image Source: YouTube / MacRumors
Image Source: YouTube / MacRumors

General information about the Apple Watch Ultra

The Apple Watch Ultra was released last year alongside the iPhone 14 (Pro), the AirPods Pro 2, Apple Watch Series 8 and the Apple Watch SE2 presented. You can find the technical details of Apple's largest and most extensively usable watch to date in this post. I've got you covered on how you can finance them interest-free shown at this point. The Apple Watch Ultra is actually aimed at competitive athletes, explorers and other active people. As mentioned at the beginning, the larger display (49 mm diagonal), the battery that lasts several days and other features also make everyone else curious.

Advantages of the Apple Watch Ultra in everyday life

Check out MacRumors Editor Dan Barbera's video below. The following advantages of the large Apple watch are mentioned in the English-language video:

  • Storage: While previous Standard models tended to be scratched and chipped, the Ultra model doesn't have this problem as much. Above all, the display should be noticeably more resistant to scratches. The titanium case is said to show small signs of wear.
  • Better bracelets: Although the bands of the 45mm Series models are designed to fit the Apple Watch Ultra, the bands made specifically for them are described as better and more comfortable.
  • Battery life: The video describes how the Apple Watch Ultra can sometimes go for several days without being charged. In particular, it was about a trip lasting several days on which the charger was forgotten. About 20 to 30 percent of the battery charge was consumed per day.
  • display size: More information or the same in a larger version can be displayed on the 49 mm display. While it doesn't sound like much, it does make a difference compared to the 44mm or 45mm models. Especially when typing messages.
  • Prepared for different things: The Apple Watch Ultra combines the features and benefits of the regular Series models with its own set of features. So if you could at least potentially make use of it, you are already prepared for it by choosing this model as your everyday watch.

Disadvantages of the Apple Watch Ultra in everyday life

In addition to the advantages, which sound quite convincing, there are also a few disadvantages. The following points are mentioned in the review by Dan Barbera:

  • height and weight: While the large display and long battery life are good, it also means walking a large, chunky watch with a large battery and weight on your wrist. This is not always practical, especially if you want to slip a shirt or jacket sleeve over it.
  • Action button: The action button is for workouts, the stopwatch function, setting waypoints, tracing back the route you have hiked, diving, triggering the flashlight function, and shortcuts. Except for the latter, this is hardly usable in everyday life. And it's easy to accidentally trigger the action button. So more everyday features are needed here (at least Siri or similar) or you disable the button and don't use it.
124,96 EUR
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  • Special features, sensors and three new straps designed for adventure, exploration and endurance sports
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Apple Watch Ultra review video by Dan Barbera

And here you can find the video as an embedded YouTube player:

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4 thoughts on “Apple Watch Ultra in everyday life: advantages and disadvantages”

  1. It looks nice, but I decided on the Garmin fenix 7 X Solar last year. It also cost a corner less, an offer that I accepted. The advantage of the fenix is ​​the running time. Easily 2 weeks without charging, tracking a route for at least 30 minutes every day. Or even longer hikes, where I don't need to be afraid that the battery will run out.
    It's not quite as smart as the AW, but I don't need that. Maybe someday a successor to the current AW.

  2. After much deliberation, I bought one to use the heart and sports monitoring applications. I am surprised by these services and the precise evaluations and can implement them for my personal use. Of course, they do not replace the cardiologist, which is expressly described. Regarding hitting edges, etc., I have equipped my Ultra with accessories such as a protective metal ring. By the way, there are some YouTube films about the Ultra in German, e.g. those by Rafael Zeier. I am also very satisfied with the battery performance. I owned a watch from the first series. At that time I said to myself that I would never buy an Apple Watch again, especially since I am a fan of well-known watch brands and wear them every day. I own bracelets in various designs and colors from third-party suppliers. Apple shouldn't earn so much from everything 😉

  3. I can't do anything with smart watches. I find such a hideous piece of plastic on my arm terrifying. There are certainly a number of people for whom a smart watch makes sense. Personally, I prefer to stick with my automatic from a well-known manufacturer. It lasts longer, looks nicer and works for decades if treated with care. Since these plastic things have long been environmentally polluting plastic scrap.

    1. Hello Horst, I agree with you. Plastic watches convey a cheap touch. The Ultra has a titanium case with a lot of technology, which together causes the high price. As I have already described, this watch is designed for specific functions and so are my others. Incidentally, Nicolas Hayek wore at least 3-4 omegas on each arm. I also own a "plastic watch" from the Luminox brand, which wasn't exactly cheap and looks great, but it's all a matter of taste.

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