Apple announces the program for WWDC23

After the WWDC23 program had already become unofficially known through tweets and other bits of information from participants, Apple has now officially published a rundown. The start will therefore again be designed by a keynote, which will take place on June 5th at 10:00 a.m. local time - so you can watch the stream in Central Europe from 19:00 p.m. But other individual events are also planned in order to create a supporting program for the various sessions, activities and consultation appointments. The content is available online and free of charge for developers and other interested parties. A convenient overview can be obtained e.g. B. About Apple's Developer app.

Apple has announced the official program for WWDC23. Inside you'll find details on the Keynote, Platforms State of the Union, Design Awards and more!
Apple has announced the official program for WWDC23. Inside you'll find details on the Keynote, Platforms State of the Union, Design Awards and more!

The official program for the WWDC23

At the nuclear press release Apple states the following program points on the subject:

  • Apple Keynote, June 5, 19:00 p.m. PT – The biggest and most exciting yet WWDC23 begins with a first look at landmark updates coming to Apple's platforms throughout the year […]
  • Platforms State of the Union, June 5, 22:30 p.m. EST – Developers learn how to take their apps to the next level by gaining a deeper insight into new tools, technologies and advances in Apple platforms […]
  • Apple Design Awards, June 6, 3:30 a.m. EDT - The Apple Design Awards recognize the craftsmanship, creative ability and technical know-how of Apple developers […]
  • Access to experts - WWDC23 will showcase the latest tools and technologies in 175 in-depth video sessions to give developers the opportunity to learn more about how to build the next generation of apps and games […]
  • Activities - In addition to the videos of the sessions and the in-person labs, Apple engineers and designers will be conducting Slack-based online activities throughout the week to help developers engage in technical discussions, responding to their Receive questions and engage with the community […]

No official listing for the on-site plans

Due to the pandemic, Apple events have run differently in recent years than in the years and decades before. Since 2020, the WWDC presentations, the fall keynotes and more have had to be pre-produced under security conditions. And video productions were also reported for WWDC23 (Which). Nevertheless, there will be a few on-site activities for developers and press people again this year. The plans for the same were shared on various platforms by some participants (e.g. here):

  • Keynote at Apple Park, 10 AM
  • Lunch at Caffé Macs, 12 p.m
  • State of the Union Platforms at Apple Park, 1:30 p.m
  • Meet the teams at Caffé Macs, 3 p.m
  • Tour: Inside the Ring (Registration required), 3 PM
  • Tour: The Inner Meadow (Registration required), 3 PM

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