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At the end of last week, Apple set up the new “Apps by Apple” subpage on, which is exclusively about its own programs. The software offerings for Mac, iPad, iPhone, Watch and TV are advertised on the site, which is currently only available in English. Each area is then further divided into the categories communication, creativity, productivity, exploration, entertainment & home, health & fitness and functions. The whole thing is essentially a web implementation of the corresponding areas in the App Stores and iTunes - there are many reasons for the “Apps by Apple” exhibition.

With "Apps by Apple" the iPhone manufacturer shows all its apps for mobile devices, the Mac, the Watch, Apple TV, etc. What is behind it? Is there anything behind it?
With "Apps by Apple" the iPhone manufacturer shows all its apps for mobile devices, the Mac, the Watch, Apple TV, etc. What is behind it? Is there anything behind it?

Apps by Apple – bottom shows the iPhone manufacturer’s software portfolio

In addition to an overview for all systems, the apps offered by Apple itself can be found on the Apps by Apple website can also be filtered according to the devices mentioned at the beginning. Under Communication you will then find apps such as Messages, FaceTime, Mail, Contacts and Walkie-Talkie. The Creativity section includes Photos, Camera, GarageBand, iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro, MainStage and Clips listed. Everything is shown with advertising graphics, a small explanatory text and links to the sources of supply. In this way, users are directly invited to learn more about the Apple apps and, if necessary, to download/buy them.

Simple overview or marketing calculation?

Of course, you don't have to assume that Apple has any major plans or goals if the company simply presents its apps on a specially designed subpage. In particular, new users and those who have not yet dealt much with the offer could definitely benefit from it. Nevertheless, you shouldn't ignore the timing - the new iPhones will be presented next week and with it iOS 17 rolled out. This iPhone operating system (as well as iPadOS 17 for the iPad) will allow sideloading either at launch (rather unlikely) or via an update in 2024. This refers to app purchases from alternative app stores.

Apple must therefore open its previously closed systems – at least in the EU due to the “Digital Markets Act” (DMA) – and allow apps to be loaded from non-in-house sources. Of course, it makes sense to advertise your own apps outside of the app stores for iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, tvOS, macOS and Co. as well as outside of iTunes and to highlight your own download options. And another reason: more and more Apple-owned apps that are pre-installed on devices must be able to be deleted. Not all of them can be removed, but also due to legal regulations the list keeps getting longer.

Conclusion on the subject of "Apps by Apple"

Of course, we online hacks are always happy to read something into Apple's potentially strategic moves. That means maybe the Apps by Apple overview is just a well-intentioned overview of the application software that the makers of the devices and operating systems offer for them. But maybe it's also a smart move to make these offers even easier to find and to promote the installation paths Apple wants. Whatever the ultimate goal, the site is well done either way, displaying many useful apps from FaceTime to GarageBand to Siri.

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