Sir Apfelot goes Appy Geek: Apple news and nerd stuff now also via app

appygeek appy geek sir applelot apple news

appy geek is an app for all friends of technology, digital solutions and news in the field of hardware and software. You could call it the nerd division of Appy Geek News Republic denote a high quality news app with top notch article sources like Reuters, Aljazeera, AP, AFP, The Guardian and so on. At Appy Geek you can find CNET, GIGA, Gizmodo, engadget and since yesterday also Sir Apfelot. That's right, this blog is now also easily accessible via newsApp traceable!

appygeek appy geek sir applelot apple news

Sir Apfelot can now also be found in the Appy Geek app

What exactly is Appy Geek and where can I download it?

Appy Geek is not a collection point for RSS feeds, it is a user-friendly platformwho collects articles from various sources. The editorial team selects the individual pages in the portfolio according to quality assurance criteria and has already compiled over 800 news sources in six languages ​​for their readers. Also the articles on have been perceived as good, so that - if you use the Appy Geek app - you can now follow the contents of this page there too.

appygeek appy geek download download ios android amazon sir apfelot apple news

Screenshots of the Appy Geek app with the notification of the new news provider in the portfolio

Once you have installed the app, you can choose your favorite subject areas, for example Apple, iPhone and so on. You can also discover new areas in the Tag Cloud called TagNav ™. In the settings of the app you then choose which publications you want to be notified about. If a topic or the corresponding article is important to you, you have the option of opening it directly from the app Facebook to share.

What does the inclusion of this page in the app mean?

If you are one of the loyal readers of this blog and now fear drastic changes, then I can reassure you. There will be no such thing. However, more articles are likely to be published per day, but they are a bit shorter than usual. So it will be articles that have a news character. If necessary, there will therefore also be a news area on the site in the future.

This should help you to search for news and blog content (reports, advice, Articles on keynotes, iPhones, iPads and so on). This way you will always find what you are looking for, even with the increased volume of content in the future. In short: The offer on this page will be increased and the ways in which you can find Sir Apfelot will also be more.

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  1. Horst Hader says:

    I downloaded the app. Is quite informative. I like it.

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